Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lefkada, Greece: Mountain Villages of Evgiros and Marantochori

We came from Ammousa Beach on our way to Vasiliki and along the way we spotted these mountain villages of Evgiros and Marantochori.

Evgiros mountain village.

There is not much happening in these 2 villages really except for a few local taverns open for business and a number of apartments and villas available to let for the summer holiday season.

It was just before 20:00 when the sun was setting down in the horizon, which is usually the best time of the day to take pictures as the light gives more depth and reflects warm colours.

As we drove from Ammousa on the narrow and winding village road to the main highway, we first passed by the mountain village of Evgiros. The village sits on the side surface of the mountain and is facing the sunset. Dutchman and I enjoy driving around the islands during this hour and we both love witnessing how light can be magical.

We had a little traffic jam when a farmer and 2 local residents in cars were blocking the tiny road. They were exchanging the usual pleasantries =)

The next mountain village we passed by before reaching the main road was Marantochori.

Locations of the villages:

Our route from Ammousa Beach to the main highway. You can see Evgiros and Marantochori on the right side.


From the plains looking to the village.

Life in the mountains of a Greek island is very quiet, especially during winter time.



A close up of a few of the houses which seems to have balconies.

We just cannot help but stop and say hello to this adorable mule.

Travel Period: July 2016
Destination: Evygros/Marantochori, Apollonoi (Lefkada - Ionian Islands), Greece

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