Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Modena, Italy: Piazza XX Settembre

The Piazza XX Settembre (or Piazza XX September?) is my secret favourite square in Modena.

The square is located just behind the main square of the city, Piazza Grande and beside the you-must-visit food and farmer's market -- Mercato Albinelli.

Piazza XX Settembre is quite the epitome of an Italian piazza in my opinion. It is unpretentious. There are no monuments in the middle of the square. I liked it a lot because of its size; it is smaller and less busier, although there was an outdoors market when I was there. The whole ambiance of the piazza channelled a very local jive to me.

The bars and cafe restaurants with outdoor terraces on the sidelines were a delight to the eyes and the senses. This is one of the things I love about Europe. Outdoor cafe terraces always make a difference on a piazza. They make the whole place pretty, cosy and inviting.

This square would be perfect for a cup of coffee whilst watching the market and the passersby any time during the day. A frothy cappuccino in the morning or an espresso after lunch.

There is an antiques and herbs market here on Saturdays as well.

Here is the location just in case:

I am loving the 3D presentation of Google Maps! Not all cities are available in 3D though.

Well, I hope you like this square as much as I do as well!

Saturday antiques market.

Herbs and tea were sold at the market as well.

Great cafe to have coffee =)

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Bologna (Emilia-Romagna), Italy

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