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Germany: Turkish Dinner (Kiremitte Köfte) at Artistanbul Restaurant in Rodenkirchen

On my last night in Rodenkirchen I had dinner at Artistanbul Restaurant just around the corner from my hotel. I am being lazy. This is what happens when you are at the tail-end of a business trip. You do not want to go anywhere anymore =)

I initially thought of eating at the famous Zum Treppchen Restaurant but after taking a peek inside the restaurant, I found it to be a bit too formal and sassy. I have had a very busy 4-day trip in Cologne, Germany with dinners and meetings, so on my last night I wanted to just eat in a low-key and more casual place.

The Artistanbul Restaurant around the corner from my hotel have caught my eye. It is a very colourful place, not something I would prefer really but it is a more casual option than swanky Zum Treppchen and is the first Turkish restaurant in Rodenkirchen. I have also been to Istanbul recently and very much enjoyed my Kavurma dinner so I thought I will try a new Turkish dish this time.

While I was perusing the menu a friendly lady visitor dropped by. She ordered food for take away. She noticed me looking intently at the menu and broke my concentration by saying that the food here is very good. Then she added that even celebrities come here to eat. She left as quickly as she came.

Huh. Oh yeah? Like who are these celebrities?

In my mind I thought—Who cares about these celebrities! I prefer to watch documentaries and reality shows anyway, such as Gold Rush and Alaska Frontier on National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

I picked ‘Kiremitte Köfte’ which I learned is ground meat balls stew with vegetables such as paprika, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes, and then garnished with cheese on top.

When the food arrived, it was not love at first sight for me at all, but I must say that it smelled really good. The dish came with some rice as well. When I finally tasted it I can only give praises. It was delicious. The lady was right, they do serve good food here.

During dinner my attention was drawn as well to the posters hanging on the wall. They were all in Turkish language and I then realised that they were all poster covers of Turkish films. Well, the posters actually looked like VCD covers! For those who do not know what VCD's are they are video compact discs. An 80's phenomenon. Just Google it. So maybe the lady meant that the restaurant was all about celebrities and their films? That must be it.

I finished my dinner with my final swig of the Fruh beer and paid cash. In Germany, cash is king. Many bars, restaurants and shops do not accept credit cards so it is always handy to carry cash with you everytime.

It was half past 21:00 when I walked back to my hotel just next door. I am going in for an early night. Maybe I will check my work emails in bed. Or internet until my eyes fall out before calling it a night? Ah well, another ending of another business trip.

Posters or VCD covers of Turkish films.

I did not recognise the mosaic on the walls of the bar at first but the waitress told me it is Istanbul. The Bosphorus bridge, the cupola of the Blue Mosque and the Galata Tower.

I am in Germany so I am having a local beer for dinner.

Kiremitte Kofte or ground meat balls stew in vegies and cheese. This was delicious.

This restaurant is all things Istanbul. I can see the scale tram that plies Taksim to Tunel on Istiklal Avenue =)

Travel Period: September 2015
Destination: Rodenkirchen, Cologne (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany

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