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Modena, Italy: Via del Taglio Shopping Street and Travel Souvenirs

Well I kind of discovered Modena's shopping street by accident.

I parked the rental car in Novi Sad Garage and followed a small crowd, leading me into the city centre and passing through a small famer's market at Piazza della Pomposa and then the long stretch of Via del Taglio, Modena's main and chicest shopping street.

Here at Via del Taglio I browsed a few shops selling affordable leather sling bags. I do not think I am a bag snob when it comes to brands because I own a variety across the board. From cheap leather bags to expensive signature ones. I do not discriminate, haha.

Lately though, I have been shying away from buying expensive names, because really, it does not make sense at all to spend money on a 4-digit priced bag. I mean for what? I do not find comfort, joy, pride and satisfaction in it (anymore). In fact, it seems a bit silly to me now. What is the fuss about signature bags and wanting to covet certain brands and models? I guess this is what happens when you reach some sort of zen in your life? Material things and their worth become simply trivial. You just do not care about them anymore. But I think I can compromise with a 3-digit price tag bag without moi feeling financially irresponsible and my sanity screaming, "I am guilty your honour".

So I bought a cute leather sling bag here in Modena for travel purposes. When I am travelling, especially for city trips and when I am walking around sightseeing, I prefer to wear a small sling bag where I can tuck in only the essentials, such as my phone, camera and a battery spare, some money, a credit card and a bank card. Ease and comfort stands very high up on my list when it comes to mobility during my travels.

And a purchase like this one as well helps remind me of the place I have visited. It is like a travel memento. When people ask me about this bag, I can fondly tell them about my time in Modena.

Just to give you an idea of the types of purchases aka travel souvenir items I have recently bought during my trips since last year:

  • Zurich, Switzerland - Did not buy anything but I kept the chocolate from Swiss and gave it to the Dutchman =)
  • Lefkada, Greece - Herbs, cheese, pumpkin seeds, hat and beach shoes
  • Modena, Italy - Leather brown sling bag and dried sausages
  • Novi Sad, Serbia - Paprika powder and chillies
  • Drenthe, Netherlands - Mustard
  • London, UK - Scones (and I wanted to buy clotted cream but the shops ran out!)
  • French Alps - Dried sausages and cheeses (hmm, I am seeing a food pattern here, haha)
  • Bangkok, Thailand - Thai crunchy delicacies, spa home fragrances (lemongrass scents are so relaxing) and very affordable summer dresses!
  • Bintan, Indonesia - Silk scarves and dresses
  • Singapore - Lots of green tea (rice flavoured), Chinese menthol oils
  • Ottawa, Canada - Umbrella (because it rained and I did not have one) and chocolates for my niece
  • Quebec, Canada - White canvas shoes (because my very old one of almost 2 decades was desperately crying for replacement)
  • Montreal, Canada - Beef jerky
  • Istanbul, Turkey - Silk scarves, walking shoes and a black sling bag
  • Kefalonia, Greece - Herbs and a ring
  • Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany - Creme colour sling bag (another pattern, lol, they are not expensive I can assure you and I needed different colours for attire matching - I am a woman after all)
  • Bath, UK - Dress and English crisps
  • Karlsruhe, Germany - Blouses, dresses, hosiery and winter slippers (yup, I went shopping indeed)
Wow, it is impressive to see the shopping spree I did during my travels in the last 1.5 years! But it is not a lot right? That said, I tend to buy stuff that I can easily carry in the plane. I like to keep my life simple.

So yeah, the brown leather sling bag for travel purposes I bought it here at Via del Taglio in Modena. This was my souvenir of the city, including of course the delicious dried sausages that we have consumed many months ago =)

What about you? What souvenir items do you buy?

The narrow side streets of Via del Taglio offer very scenic views and photography opportunities.

Spotted a shop called Manila Grace. The street is not only all about shopping, towards the end of it, you can find many outdoor cafes terraces and restaurants.

I am loving the warm pastel colours of Modena. Compared to fiery red (and red-orange) Bologna, Modena adapts a more colourful and lighter shade.

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Modena (Emilia-Romagna), Italy

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

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  1. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Thank you, Madam ! A very romantic Italian town !

    "da lei vien l'animosa leggiadria
    ch'al ciel ti scorge per destro sentero..."


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