Friday, September 23, 2016

Panorama Views from the Mountains of Exanthia in Lefkada, Greece

During summer, many people (locals and holidaymakers) come to Exanthia for 3 things:

   1. Paraglide
   2. Watch the sunset views from the terrace of Rachi taverna
   3. Have lunch or dinner at Rachi taverna

This is Rachi in Exanthia.

I will have to post our dinner at Rachi separately because we took a LOT of pictures and I need time to work on them. The views and sunset here are truly beautiful, so stay tuned for my next post with the rest of the amazing pictures. What a stunning place. This is one of our highlights of the summer holiday.

If you come to Lefkada, you cannot miss this place.

The lot beside Rachi is where the paragliders launch. They fly over the verdant hills of Exanthia to the direction of the Ionian Sea and turning back to land on Kathisma Beach. We witnessed many of the landings during our beach time at Kathisma. When we went up to Exanthia to have dinner at Rachi we saw the launch pad. Aha, so this is where they take off!

I do not think I would ever want to paraglide or paraski. Ew, not for me. Dutchman however did this in the past when he was younger. Let’s just say that he was more daring and had more stamina before than now.

Location of Exanthia on the map of Lefkada island:

It is half an hour drive from Kathisma beach and Agios Nikitas, the drive takes longer because of the zigzagged roads. Although Lefkada town is farther, it only takes approximately half an hour since the roads were easy and straightforward. 

Going up to Exanthia. Look at the green, pine trees, olive groves and more.

The mountain neighbourhoods in Exanthia.

Paragliding in Exanthia lands at Kathisma beach. They jump off just beside Rachi taverna. You can book your paragliding experience at one of the tents on Kathisma beach. We saw 2 tents offering this experience at the beach.

This is where the paragliders launch their flight in Exanthia, just beside Rachi.

180-degree of the outdoor terrace of Rachi taverna siting on a mountain cliff. More pictures soon in my follow-up blog entry about Rachi.

This is Kalamitsi, the village below Exanthia.

The stunning sunset in Exanthia at Rachi taverna, the main reason really why many holidaymakers come here to eat at Rachi.

Travel Period: June-July 2016
Destination: Exanthia, Skafiotes (Lefkada – Ionian Islands), Greece

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