Saturday, September 24, 2016

Photo Essay of Vathi: Capital of Meganisi Island

Fancy a day trip from Lefkada Island? Meganisi is the answer!

The island of Meganisi is a perfect day trip from Lefkada. It takes less than 20 minutes to get here with the public ferry from Nydri harbour. The ferry’s first call is Spilia (20 minutes sailing time), and then it sails further to Vathi, the capital of the island (another 10 minutes sailing time).

You can read and see pictures of our voyage here: Ferry Ride from Nydri in Lefkada to Meganisi Island

For this day trip we brought the rental car with us. We do not really have huge plans. We will be exploring the small island a bit with the car, visit Vathi and Spilia of course, have lunch somewhere and spend the rest of the afternoon on a beach. Your typical summer holiday itinerary I guess.

We arrived on time in scenic Vathi. It is a small town on the water with a harbour and a boulevard. It is less busy here at Vathi compared to Nydri. It felt like time stood still, which was welcoming experience actually to be away from the crowds, noise and activity, at least for a day. There are only a handful cafes and restaurants as well. The ambiance is somewhat exclusive, meaning you don’t see your usual run-of-the-mill holidaymaker here. Although I have seen 2 men with scary looking tattoos jump into a small boat with their family probably enroute to a waiting yacht. You will see more of these types in the mediterranean these days.

After getting the car offboard and parking it somewhere, we did a little walk along the waterfront. It was a very hot day so we decided to seek refuge at a cafe on the harbour called Boom Boom Rustic Bar Cafe (that is one funny name!) with comfortable lounge sofas and ordered a milk chocolate shake and 2 Greek frappes. We’ll stay here for another half hour before hitting the rest of the island.

Check out our pictures of Vathi below. Hope you like them =)

There are boats and a public ferry going to Meganisi daily from Nidri/Nydri.

Taverna Stavros, one of the good ones on the harbour. I have read great reviews about this restaurant and as you can see, they are indeed quite full for lunch.

Your typical little Greek fishing boat.

If you prefer a more direct and private transfer to this island, there is Seataxi.

The orthodox church at the harbour was closed (locked) so I didn't have the chance to visit it. I love checking out the interior of the churches in Greece because they are beautiful.

A very cold frappe and a milk chocolate shake, perfect drink for a hot weather day on the island.

The charming Boom Boom Rustic Bar - Cafe on the harbour where we settled for some refreshing cold drinks. Those sofas are very nice!

More charming Vathi harbour scenes here...

These are the bigger and more professional fishing boats. 

Moi here posing with the fishing vessel. In the upper right photo you can see the pvc uniforms the modern fishermen wear when they do the actual fishing.

I cannot stress this out more: Dining outdoors is the order of the day during summer holidays, for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, drinks and dinner. Anytime of the day =)

This kind of boat can be rented in Nydri as well.

Travel Period: July 2016
Destination: Meganisi Island (Ionian Islands), Greece

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