Friday, September 30, 2016

Rotterdam, Netherlands: Dinner with a View at Prachtig

Prachtig is a Dutch word that means Beautiful.

I found Prachtig bar-restaurant online after searching for restaurants with a view. It's one of the restaurants in Rotterdam with an outdoor terrace and a great view of the city, of the River Maas and the city's symbol, the Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusbrug).

We were here in June, the height of the summer season but the weather in the Netherlands is like a (scorned) woman, very unpredictable, and so it was a grey, cold and wet day. Our June and July in fact were a medley of spring and autumn seasons, and a dollup on top of summer and winter in between.

So helaas, the famous outdoor terrace of this restaurant was obviously closed. Really a bummer because the terrace is hailed as one of the best in the city. But we are eating inside anyway. The restaurant's floor to ceiling wall facing the river is all glass and is just fantastic. You do not have to be outside to enjoy the outdoors. You can experience the river and the bridge even from your table inside the restaurant.

Dutchman and I started with a shared starter of rare cooked lamb chops. Apart from the stunning presentation, Dutchman did not really liked this dish, although I found it quite nice actually.

For our mains, I went for a grilled cod fillet and steamed mussels on a bed of creamy risotto. The Dutchman settled for a huge burger and a pickle with a side of fries.

The food was delicious and the presentations were all remarkable, totally upholding the name of the restaurant. But the creaminess of the risotto was a bit overpowering my tastebuds, and the portion was just too much as well. I really could not finish the whole thing and it somewhat destroyed my appetite towards the end of the dinner.

The Dutchman on the other hand didn't liked much the huge and less compact style of the burger. It was difficult for him to eat eveything deconstructed, haha. He did say though that the meat was tender and very good, but he was not a fan of the rest of the stuff added to the burger.


As you can tell, this dinner was a complicated one, haha. The setting was nice, the food looked pretty and they were delicious, but the whole experience left a rather different taste in our mouths. Oh well.

Prachtig bar and restaurant on the River Maas under the Erasmus Bridge.

This was a day before I turned 46. This wasn't a birthday dinner though, we just happened to go to Rotterdam (because I want to see the 'De Trap') and had dinner.

A very pretty lamb chops starter.

Dutchman's burger and fries.

Grilled cod fish and steamed mussels on a bed of creamy risotto.

No dessert but espresso and cappuccino and biscuits covered with sugar cinnamon.

Prachtig bar and restaurant under the Erasmus Bridge.

The outdoor terrace was closed due to bad weather (and its the middle of June!).

Travel Period: June 2016
Destination: Rotterdam (South Holland), the Netherlands

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