Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Zurich, Switzerland: Beautiful City Views from Jules Verne Panorama Bar

So I have read about this bar with panoramic views of Zurich online somewhere, so I told the girlfriends about it and they were more than happy to check it out. Off we went =)

Jules Verne Panorama Bar is located on Uraniastrasse at the top of the tower of the building where the elegant Basserie Lipp is located. You can take the lift (elevator) inside Brasserie Lipp to go up. There is also a lift outside but this was not easy for us to find, and since we first saw the signage of the bar outside the brasserie, we took this route instead.

When we reached the top and got out of the lift we were received by the beautiful 360-degree panorama views of the city. I then quickly noticed the chic bar at the top of the building across the street. Hmm...

So we went inside the bar which was already very busy. It was just past 18:00 and guests were enjoying their pre-dinner drinks. Jules Verne Panorama Bar is a small half-circular bar designed traditionally with leather chairs and simple wooden (albeit limited in numbers) tables. The bar is really small! The cocktail menu is not for the cheapskates as well, as is the whole country by the way.

Switzerland is damn expensive, you really need serious money to enjoy the comforts and pleasures of your stay here.

The views here however were truly amazing, and we would have wanted to stay for coffee and perhaps cocktails had it not been too crowded. The girlfriends didn’t want to stand nor sit at the bar but there were no free tables on sight. So I suggested that we go to the bar we saw earlier at the top of the building across the street instead. The girls were in agreement, but before leaving, we pampered our cameras with lots of pictures of Zurich city views =)

This bar is highly recommended for its 360-degree panoramic city views. It is a small bar so it can get very busy during peak hours such as after 17:00. You can reserve a table though.

Just go inside Brasserie Lipp and you will find the lift to Jules Verne Panorama Bar. This brasserie by the way looks very elegant and nice.

M and Moi in the lift as we go up to Jules Verne Panorama Bar.

Jules Verne Panorama Bar is inside the round tower of the building. As you can see it is quite small.

From Jules Verna Panorama Bar we discovered Modissa Bar Restaurant. I have a separate post about Modissa soon.

Beautiful Zurich city views.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Old Town, Zurich, Switzerland

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