Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Zurich, Switzerland: Twilight Stroll Along the ‘Schipfe’

The ‘Schipfe’ is one of the oldest and charming quarter of Zurich’s Altstadt (Old Town). It is a residential area on the western side of the River Limmat nestled between the Rudolf-Brun bridge and the Rathaus bridge.

The square in Schipfe has a resident restaurant of the same name.

View of the eastern side of the Old Town across the river from the Schipfe.

My girfriends and I were having a little stroll here which took a looooooooong time because of endless selfie posings, haha! I do not own a selfie stick but my girls from Canada, one of which is a long lost friend, does. They were for me though heaven sent, because while they are busy doing the selfie stick thing I could mind my own business and take a lot of pictures of the surroundings, something that does not come down too well with the Dutchman when we are travelling together.

“Can you walk a bit faster?” the Dutchman tells me, already irritated.

“Well as you can see... I am taking pictures!” moi replying, well, almost barking actually.

With the girlfriends, I do not have this problem. In fact I have enough time to take all the pictures in the world. When I am done, they are still taking selfies! No kidding =)

But seriously, I really liked this part of Zurich Old Town -- Schipfe.

We started the walk in Rudolf-Brun-Brucke. There is a wooden foot path just under the bridge that will lead you to Schipfe. It was really our plan to check out Schifpe but we didn’t know if this foot bridge was the correct route, however it does look like it so keeping our fingers crossed, we followed the path. Indeed it led us to the Schipfe!

The exact location of Schipfe, in between the Rudolf-Brun-Brucke and Rathausbrucke.

There is a nice restaurant here on the square called Schifpe as well which has an outdoor terrace with nice views of the river. The terrace of course is only open during warmer months.

Many of the houses here in this neighbourhood are old, some even dating back to the 16th century. Here is an excerpt I found from the Zurich dot com website best describing the place:

“Boats docked at "Schipfe" in the Middle Ages, which delivered silk, gold and food to Zurich. Today, the district is an idyllic place to linger.”  Read here to learn more about this charming, ancient and historical place: Traditional trades still cultivated today at Schipfe

I highly recommend to have a little walk here and enjoy the old and quiet surroundings with scenic river views.

My pictures below:

The foot bridge connecting Schipfe to the Rudolf-Brun-Brucke.

Yours truly and behind me is the picture above, the view across the River Limmat to the eastern part of the Old Town with the Grossmunster towering above the medieval skyline.

More Schipfe scenes...

Many locals come here at the end of the day to sit down on the riverbank. It is a cosy piece of Zurich Old Town. 

Restaurant Schipfe 16. I would probably eat here had I stayed longer in the city.

The view across the river from Schipfe, as the sun sets low...

Twilight pictures from the Rathaus-brucke which is the tail-end part of Schipfe.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Old Town, Zurich - Switzerland

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