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Kosice, Slovakia Part Two: More Pretty Architecture, Churches and Food

This second entry is more about the food and churches I discovered, and well, more of the beautiful pastel coloured Baroque and Renaissance architecture that proudly graced the old city centre as well.

Before I start with part two, here is the link to the first blog entry - Part One: Pastel Coloured Baroque and Renaissance Architecture

After my late Slovakian lunch at Med Malina I continued my strolling around the city centre. There were unbelievably so many churches and I managed to even sneak in and attend a wedding! One of the churches had a stunning ceiling that could rival the churches in Italy.

It was a religious holiday when I was there so many commercial establishments were closed. A few were open though such as the supermarket in the city centre. I am always curious what the locals eat in their country and I was very ecstatic to have found one that is open. So I went shopping of course.

I noticed a sizable dairy section with lots of local yoghurt and cheeses on offer. The bakery and pastry section was also promising. The prices were very reasonable, much cheaper than the west of course, but I was not in the mood to eat a pastry just yet. The central eastern European countries are quite popular with their sausages. Slovakia is a landlocked country so meat is a staple and the supermarket did not come short of it. I bought a few local smoked sausages and a Hungarian salami, all of which I will carry with me back to the Netherlands. My souvenirs!

Then I continued on, walking to where my curiosity will lead me when I saw this posh café, the Clematis Tea & Coffee shop. Just right on time as I needed some break from the walking, sightseeing and (grocery) shopping. The shop cafe really looked nice and was fairly new, they also sell coffee beans and loose tea leaves from all over the world. I ordered an espresso that came with a chocolate and a butter cookie, and a brownie chocolate volcano as well which was very good.

And the whole damage was just 3 euros! Not bad huh. This is a great comfy place to while a bit for some coffee or tea and wifi =)

On the Singing Fountain Park in the middle of the pedestrian street centre just in front of the National State Theatre, I stumbled upon an outdoor photography exhibition of Jews in Jerusalem. The pictures were hanged like laundry and they were very catchy. I do know that Slovakia had a large Jewish population in the past, before the Nazi occupation during the World War II.

In addition, I also managed to see an outdoor exhibition and parade of vintage cars outside Aupark shopping centre which was very nice.

Tip: Easy parking in the city centre of Kosice is at the modern Aupark shopping centre which is located very near, just a few hundred metres to the old city centre.

So that’s it for Kosice. Who knows, maybe in the near future I will get to visit her again?

This is one of the many churches I have visited. Here they are having a service and the church is full! Slovakia is a predominantly Roman Catholic country.

At the supermarket where I shopped for my sausage souvenirs, I saw these sugary goodies at their bakery shop. Each country has its own idea of a pastry and this is Slovakia's. Those thin wafers (see picture below) I saw them in Czechia and Slovenia as well.

Here is yours truly of course.

This is the nice and poshy Clementis Tea and Coffee shop. It is a cafe and at the same time a shop selling coffee beans and loose tea leaves.

The damage was not bad at all and the brownie chocolate volcano was really good.

It showered a bit, albeit only for a few minutes so I sought refuge under this tree and carried on with taking pictures. I am hardcore or what?

This is the other church I visited. Just look at the stunning ceiling of this edifice. Oh, shhhhh, a wedding is taking place =)

Kosice is a beautiful city. When I left the rain just started to pick up real bad so I got lucky. Lucky to have seen the city not under the pouring rain and lukcy to be inside the car now.

I noticed a lot of dairy products sold here in Kosice such as yoghurt and cheese, I was tempted to buy. These I found at Aupark shopping centre.

Travel Period: May 2014
Destination: Kosice (Kosice), Slovakia

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