Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Serbia: The Zemun Waterfront Boulevard and Brener Cafe Toilet with Movies

I had my last meal in the country here in Zemun. My lunch was in this quite peculiar setting – on a boat. You can see pictures and read the blog post here: Lunch on the Stari Slep Boat

I didn’t have a lot of time here in Zemun, but I managed to take a stroll on the pedestrian waterfront boulevard, Zemunski kej. The main street parallel to this boulevard is called Kej Oslobodenja. It was a very busy day when I was here, perhaps because it was a weekend. I saw families with children playing, grandma and grandpa sitting on the benches, young people and couples walking hand in hand. It looked pretty much like the whole neighbouhood planned a meet at the boulevard.

As I walked further to the northern part of the waterfront, I saw a bevy of swans. I have never seen such a big group of swans together. A number of locals were feeding them with bread. I had to stop and watch, and I quite enjoyed seeing some of the hungry animals reaching out to the food with their long necks.

Trivia: Did you know that swans mate for life? They form monogamous pair bonds that can last for many years and even for life.

This boulevard would definitely be stunning if it could just pull some budget together into renovating and beautifying it. You can really see with your eyes and feel it in the air that the place is less refined. I find somewhat comfort in that, though. Perhaps because this was something that I have expected to experience during my visit in Serbia. However, I am seeing as well that change will come here pretty soon.

After the stroll I went for coffee at Brener, a contemporary café restaurant at the southern end of Kej Oslobodenja. For an establishment in a somewhat rundown setting, and I mean the surroundings in Zemun, the café restaurant looked a bit out of place. And I must admit that I find that charmingly odd.

Since I am not eating, I ordered my coffee at the bar. I was given this coffee with a designer teaspoon. The café restaurant was not only modern but it was also elegant. But I didn’t expect that the highlight of this coffee break was the visit to the toilet.

The toilet has animated screens with movies playing! I was really caught by surprise, haha.

Brener is somewhat of an entertaining contradiction in Zemun. You have got to visit this place for drinks or even for a meal when you are in the area, and do not forget to visit the toilet.

This is where Zemun is on the map of Serbia:

The town is just 15 minutes from Belgrade, just across the Sava River.

Zemun would be a good side trip from Belgrade. Give yourself here a few hours here or half a day max.

On the main road of Zemun town proper.

Strolling Zemunski kej, Zemun's waterfront boulevard.

Oops, these swans are hungry!

The Danube River flowing past Zemun and behind me is the boat restaurant where I had my lunch.

As you can see this boulevard could surely use some extra budget for development.

The toilet at Brener with the animated screen playing a movie! Haha!

Unfortunately the screen is located at the back of the toilet bowl, so helaas, you cannot watch while you take a poo, haha.

This was a very good coffee.

Brener cafe restaurant in Zemun.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Zemun (Belgrade), Serbia

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or iPhone.

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