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Singapore: Family Dinner at Kim’s Seafood Place (From Street Hawker to Restaurant & Caterer)

On my last evening in Singapore last year, the family decided to have dinner at this restaurant with a very inspiring story located on Joo Chiat, a road famous for its iconic shophouses. SisterJ have been here before, and knowing that I am always interested in encouraging stories with a touch of history behind places we eat and visit, she brought me here.

On the walls of the restaurant the whole history of this eatery business was written, well I guess hanged in frames would be more appropriate. It all began with a simple yet very tasty Chinese Malay-Singaporean dish: Hokkien Mee (stir-fried egg and rice noodles with prawns, squid, egg, pork, chicken, selected vegetables, lime and sambal). This became the pillar of the then small-time street food hawker. Regulars came pouring in and the business became very popular that it was able to afford moving into a proper food stall/eatery place.

News clippings, awards and pictures on the wall showed the humble journey of Kim’s Seafood Place through 2 generations. From a simple street hawker in the 1960’s to a thriving restaurant and business caterer now. Isn’t that very inspiring?

Helaas, my family however were not in the mood to eat any Hokkien Mee. Instead, we ordered a roasted crispy duck, braised pork swimming generously in sauce, some bakchoy vegetables with fried garlic and a local specialty, a giant chili crab. We were careful not to order a lot since the portions were quite big.

The crispy duck was crunchy and delicious, highly recommended. I am not so much into the braised pork stuff but this was quite good though. Very tender and tasty. We should have ordered more vegetables. And the chili crab was geniusly cooked, a craving for me really as the family watched me dismember the poor juicy and meaty crustacean. I share the same seafood love with my father, and sometimes my sister. My mother however is a full pledged meat eater. Well, she can have all the pork and duck while I dig in to my crab. We are happy that way.

And as you might be aware of already, the eating culture in Asia is designed for everyone to share the food on the table with each other. I always look forward to an eating set up like this when I am visiting Asia. I can’t wait to go back (home) soon.

So yes, we quite enjoyed our dinner here. Thanks to SisterJ and Myrrh for the treat!

Cooked nuts with chili sauce.

Tiger beer for the win!

The history of Kim's Seafood Place on the wall of the restaurant.

Slicing the braised pork.

Sauteed bakchoy greens with lots of fried garlic.

Very crisy roasted whole duck.

Voila! The famous chili crab of Singapore. This is one giant of a crab.

Stalking the parents.

Ah, now that the dinner is over and our stomachs are satisfied, we can now take pictures =)

Travel Period: November 2015
Destination: Eastern Region, Singapore

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or iPhone.

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