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Zurich: Dinner at Lake Side Restaurant and their Coded Impressive Toilet

When I think of Zurich, I think about lakes in general, which I similarly think about Geneva as well. Both cities are situated on the mouth of very important bodies of water, Lake Limmat and Lake Leman.

Now the ladies and I planned for a dining on or beside the water for our dinner, which was originally an idea of mine. Luckily the ladies were game enough to go along. We, or rather I, was eyeing this particular restaurant on the lake which I have read great reviews about. However, when we called, we were given the bad news that they were fully booked for the evening. Bummer. I was already so psyched up about the cool ambiance of this waterfront restaurant!

So we reverted to Plan B – the Lake Side restaurant which has good reviews and great pictures on their website.

This restaurant is located outside the city centre, in Seefeld neighbourhood in the district of Reisbach and you would need to take a tram to get here. I guess one of the positive sides with this decision is that we were pushed to get out of the touristy and city centre area, hop on board a tram and navigate our way through the residential streets of Seefeld to get to this restaurant on the lake.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were met by a large box of a building with a characterless façade. It was not well lighted outside so we were not sure if the building was indeed the restaurant. As we entered, the space slowly opened into what we saw an empty restaurant with unoccupied large round tables and on the side was a long corner bar counter. The place looked like one of those function rooms for a wedding party or corporate event. The lights were too bright as well which reminds me of the Asian style of lighting using glaring fluorescent lamps.

As if some sort of discernible queue coming down upon us, the three of us uttered, well almost simultaneously – Oh, this looks like a Chinese restaurant. LOL

I was starting to worry just a little bit, when we saw guests dining outside on the terrace beside the lake. One of the wait staff was quick enough to usher us to our reserved table outside. We all heaved a huge sigh of relief, well not being too obvious about our initial expectation discomfort though. What we are now hoping is that we won’t be served with a Chinese menu! That would have been like a – I told you so moment, haha.

Now, allow me please to explain. There is nothing wrong with Chinese food and their restaurants. I love Chinese cuisine myself, but we are Asians and we are all quite familiar with how Chinese restaurants are designed. Since we were in Switzerland, we were more expecting some Swiss flair with a touch of outdoorsy ambiance on the lake which we did not see at first. The outdoor terrace though looked very nice and classy.

Because we had a long lunch earlier at Zurich’s only mountain Uetliberg, which I will blog about soon, we were not that hungry. We all decided to order the same thing – Asian style salad with salmon. Luckily, the menu they had was quite international, with strangely a focus on Japanese cuisine such as sushi and sashimi. But yeah, we still picked something Asian because the other option was the usual Cesar Salad which is a humdrum choice in my opinion really.

The salads came, and in terms of presentation they weren’t really attractive at all, but when we tasted it, our opinions changed. It was a lovely, fresh, light and very tasty salad! So we were quite happy with the choice.

And because it was dark already we did not really see much of the lake. We just knew that we were dining beside the lake and that its open air here at the terrace. I guess I am too spoiled to even notice this as during my yearly summer holidays I am endlessly pampered with waterfront dinners in the Greek Islands, something that I always look forward to each year by the way.

There is a long jetty for boats in front of the restaurant as well, so one can actually come here with the public ferry. We saw the last ferry of the day stopping by to offload passengers and load new ones. For the ferry schedules, one should check this locally onsite at the city centre near Burkliplatz.

Now the highlight of this dinner is the end part when Bubbles went to the toilet and came back raving about how impressed she was about the loo, haha. And oh, a lady as well who was seated at the back together with a large group who could not stop laughing she was almost crying. Her laugh was so addictive, it infected the rest of the people nearby including us. It was quite funny.

Anyway, about the loo. In order to get inside the toilet you will have to enter a code. The design inside was not something you would expect in such a restaurant. It was indeed a surprise which quite reminds me of the café restaurant I visited in Zemun, Serbia last March – Zemun Waterfront Boulevard and Brener Café Toilet with Movies

Pictures of the interesting and impressive toilet are below. Scroll down.

We were thinking of going clubbing after dinner but it was getting late. My hotel sits in the mountain in Uetliberg and I would hate to miss the last train which goes just before midnight. In addition, most clubs in Switzerland are somewhat exclusive requiring proper dress code and the ladies were wearing shorts and sneakers.

Not really a big miss for us as we were more looking forward to diving into our waiting beds in the hotel room and be comforted with our soft huggable pillows. I know #aging_issues Haha.

Here in the tram going to Lake Side Restaurant in Seefeld.

The dock in Seefeld right across Lake Side Restaurant.

The last ferry of the day!

Dining outside on the terrace. It was a bit dark and they should have more lamps outside.

Asian Salad with salmon and rice. I think this dish is partly inspired by the Indonesian salad dish called Gado-Gado.

The impressive toilet of Lake Side restaurant!

Hmm, is this NSFW? For those outside Europe of course. #notsafeforwork

Really catchy huh for a toilet! =)

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Seefeld – Reisbach (Zurich), Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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