Saturday, November 26, 2016

Zurich: The “ooo Bar” aka Modissa Rooftop Bar where the beautiful people go

The girls and I actually discovered this place by accident. We were at Jules Verne Panorama Bar when we saw the chic rooftop bar, and because it was full at Jules Verne, which by the way bids stunning views of Zurich City, we had a valid excuse to leave.

The entrance of ooo Bar is via the Modissa shop on Bahnhofstrasse, a luxury fashion store carrying many designer labels in its collection. As we went inside the shop, I remember that it wasn’t very clear where we should navigate, so we asked the sales ladies for assistance and they directed us to the lift.

The bar is located on the roof deck of the building, and luckily it was a great September day with lovely sunny weather. It was one of those exceptional “outdoor terrace weather days”. But little did we know that this is one of those most coveted bars in the city. Because all the tables in the outdoor terrace were either taken or reserved!

Really, really bummer. There were not a lot of options available so we took our seats at the big table inside. We realised that it wasn’t really that bad because the whole rooftop bar has open doors anyway.

As we looked around the bar, we noticed that almost all the guests were fashionable or good looking. Yup, a chic bar attracts the beautiful and artistic people of course. I have the feeling that ooo Bar is one of those popular and trendy bars to hang out if you want to be seen in public. Well, let us just hope that the girls and I will not be discovered as we already have problems managing our very own busy schedules! *Haha*

Not really in the mood for any alcoholic drink, we ordered coffee instead. We were somewhat dazzled at the swanky design of the menu card and even the sugar packs. Cool branding and merchandising. The rooftop bar is clearly an extension of its fashion luxury shop on the ground floor, Modissa.

We highly recommend this place. The ooo Bar has a chic ambiance, a great place to hang out and socialise with friends.

Tip: Book in advance for a table. The outdoor terrace might not be open during the colder months!

This is water spray to help ease up the heat. It was a hot September weekend in Zurich!

Nice place to hang out with many good looking people.


Cool menu cards =)

Our coffee and another set of cool sugar packets.

The tower on the picture is where the Jules Verne Panorama Bar is located.

The building is not that high so the views are quite limited, but still great.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Zurich, Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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