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Zurich: Pictures of the city’s main shopping street - Bahnhofstrasse

I guess every city has its own main shopping thoroughfare.

In Zurich it is Bahnhofstrasse which is very easy to find. It is the street that connects Bahnhofplatz where Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main train station) is located and Burkliplatz. The big monument on Bahnhofplatz, the statue of Switzerland’s modern founder, Alfred Escher is facing directly Bahnhofstrasse.

I have a somewhat love and hate relationship with shopping, and with this I mean dry goods shopping. In general, I dislike the hunting, choosing, queuing up for the dressing room, then trying on, only to repeat this again by going through racks of clothes, assortiments, what nots and more stores in the shopping agenda pipeline. I have no patience, unless of course I am browsing a food market. I would however do this shopping activity only when I am on a mission, such as finding a new pair of pants because the rest of my pants died on me or I cannot fit into them anymore. Now this is what I call a real need for shopping. Then I would for sure reserve an afternoon to hit the shops with the end goal in mind. But this happens rarely, like once a year perhaps. Can anyone out there relate?

So when I travel I stay away from shopping unless I really needed to buy a particular item, or happen to come across a piece that I cannot say no. I am glad though that I do not have the materialistic lust for things because it makes travelling easier. Well actually, it makes my life easier!

There is so much freedom when you can appreciate the beauty of material things but not having the ultimate craving to want it and buy it for yourself.

Anyway, for my blog’s sake, I am posting some pictures of Zurich’s main shopping street. The Bahnhofstrasse is a long pedestrian - bus - tram only street in the area locals called City. The City is a neighbourhood of Zurich located across the Old Town from the Limmat River. It is a nice place to stroll on, I have to admit. It is busy and there are lots of things to see on the window displays. There are cafes here as well along the side streets which can be great to sit down to regroup a bit, have a drink and people watch =)

So we did not shop here. The girls did their shopping a day earlier and were more interested in seeing new places, so that went down well on my agenda. M said that she spotted a tram with cows painted on it, so we walked slowly hoping to catch the same tram or a similar one passing by and take a picture of it. Unfortunately no cow tram passed by again. The trams here, which have the same blue and white colour as the trams in Amsterdam are a mixture of old and new, and some have a different colour or design on them.

We were actually on the hunt for a bar cafe with views and we ended up visiting Jules Verne Panorama Bar (stunning city views!) and ooo Bar (aka Modissa Rooftop Bar). Jules Verne is located on Urianastrasse which is a few metres away from Bahnhofstrasse whilst ooo Bar is on Bahnhofstrasse itself, on the roof deck of Modissa fashion store.

See below the actual location of Bahnhofstrasse:

Bahnhofstrasse connects the two main squares of the city, Bahnhofplatz and Burkliplatz located in the City area.

Bahnhofplatz facing the busy Bahnhofstrasse.

The girls and moi doing the selfie (stick) thing.

More picture taking on Bahnhofstrasse. Our souvenir pictures taken from Bubbles’ phone.

This particular outdoor cafe is great for people watching.

A very catchy moving digital window display.

All the big brands are here, from the cheap fast fashion to the expensive haute couture.

Outdoor cafes on Bahnhofstrasse.

This is Zughusplatz and the surrounding streets here are home to upscale luxury brands.

Bahnhofstrasse corner Paradeplatz.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Zurich, Switzerland

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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