Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Zurich: Stunning Giacometti Hall at the Police Station and Flirting the Police Officer

For the art and architecture enthusiasts out there visiting Zurich, you cannot leave the city without passing by at the stunning Giacometti Hall of the Zurich Police Station!

Giacometti Hall at the Zurich Police Station. Picture courtesy of No other police station in the world has a hallway as artistic and stunning like this.

Zurich Police Station on Bahnhofquai.

You read it right. The beautiful work of art by Swiss artist, Augusto Giacometti can be found at the city police station (stadtpolizei) of Zurich on Bahnhofquai. It is FREE and is open daily between 9:00-11:00 and 14:00-16:00. You will need to leave a valid ID such as a passport at the front desk of the police station before being allowed to enter and view the hall inside. One valid ID for a group is good enough. You only have 10 minutes viewing time. The taking of pictures and/or videos is strictly prohibited. The police station however sells promotional items about this hall and the artist, even books.

For more information visit: Giacometti Halle

Anyway, the story here is that the ladies found the young police officer attending to us really cute. We took turns pronouncing his name which made him blush a bit. You see, the police officers here on duty have their ID with their name on it pinned on their breast. He was somewhat caught off guard with all the sugary attention he is getting from three middle aged Asian women, haha. Right, watchout the cougars are on flirting attack.

“Are you single?”

Bubbles was like, “Can’t he just take us in?”

“Oh please keep our passports. We are willing to surrender!”

“We will surrender.... like now.” LOL

Whispering, “Can we take a picture of you?”

To protect the innocent, we shall not name the hunky police officer =)

Our 10 minutes were quickly up unfortunately. So we went outside the police station and did our selfie thing right in front of the main door. Ah, here outside we can take as many selfie pictures we can. I am sure the police officers must have seen us behind the security camera and are shaking their heads =)

Really stunning hall with vaulted arches painted with bright red orange flowers. This has got to be the most beautiful police station hallway in the whole wide world.

Thanks to the selfie stick! 

Another pose outside the Zurich police station courtesy of Bubble's smartphone and selfie stick.

The view to the Limmat Lake.

The stadtpolizei (police station) is just across the foot bridge on Bahnhofquai.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Altstadt, (Zurich), Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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