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Meganisi Island, Greece: Al Fresco Lunch at Porto Vathi “Errikos” Taverna

Last summer, the Dutchman, Dutch mother and I sailed with our rental car on the public ferry from our summer holiday base in Nydri, Lefkada Island to a smaller island not too far away – Meganisi.

You can read our voyage here: Ferry ride from Nidri to Meganisi - Road trip itinerary and scenes - Photo essay of Vathi

For our late lunch, we settled at the charming fish taverna on Vathi harbour called Porto-Vathi “Errikos” Taverna. It is right beside the water and has wonderful views of the surroundings. No one can miss this lovely of a restaurant. I made sure that we have a table at the water’s edge. Because it is already after lunch hours, it wasn’t that busy. Perfect.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we were entertained by schools of fishes swimming past. A young kid a few tables from ours was having a go and was feeding the fishes with bread. It gave us the idea as well so we followed suit. A nice little entertainment I guess as we wait for the food.

Our starter arrived which was a simple and typical Greek dish. Fried vegetables (courgette and aubergine) coated lightly in flour. This was really nice and not heavy at all. We enjoyed this a lot, especially the Dutch mother.

Then our lunch arrived. The Dutchman ordered a souvlaki (Greek BBQ on a stick), the Dutch mother settled for some keftedes (Greek meatballs), while I had a serving of fried scampi with thousand island sauce. We could not wait to dig in. The food were all wiped clean from the plates and I heard no one complaining, so this was I guess a successful late lunch.

And oh, a cat had our company as well. The Dutchman loves these sweet fluffy animals and could not stop pampering the pussy with little morsels of food. In Greece, you will find so many cats!

As for me, I cannot get enough of the view and just the ambience of dining al fresco beside the water. There is some sort of therapy in it that is unexplainable. It is just so relaxing. It makes you forget all the worries you have in the world. Which is why I always look forward to our summer holidays in the Greek islands.

This has been a lovely lunch, now it’s time to laze on the beach and sit back. We are off to Spilia Beach next!

Porto-Vathi Errikos Taverna in Vathi, Meganisi.

Hungry (rather, spoiled perhaps?) fishes. Oi fish, do not get too close or else you might end up on my plate!

Dining al fresco on the water's edge here in Vathi, Meganisi.

Our shared starter, fried courgette and aubergine coated in flour.

I love this shot. It makes me smile.

Dutchman's souvlaki (Greek BBQ on a stick).

Dutch mother's keftedes (Greek meatballs).

And my fried scampi lunch with thousand island sauce which we used to dip our fries with. I prefer my seafood garnished with citron.

Travel Period: July 2016
Destination: Meganisi Island (Lefkada – Ionian Islands), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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