Monday, January 30, 2017

Amazing Nature: Overcast and Blue Skies Altogether in Vaujany, French Alps

This is when we stand in awe of the power and beauty of mother nature.

She makes you feel insignificant and vulnerable, like a little child brought down to her knees for disobedience. But she is also generous and amazing. You become speechless when you stare at her, emboldened and renewed at her display of wonder. You just simply have to admire her in all her power and glory. Yes, that is mother nature.

 I do not always get to enjoy this kind of theatrical display of nature, so whenever I witness something like this, I always cherish these stunning and fleeting nature moments.

One morning, I woke up with heavy mist in the mountain ski resort village of Vaujany. The small alpine village in the Isere valley lay under a very thick gray overcast. Because of this I told the Dutchman that I will go for a skiing day off but will go up the mountains to check out the restaurant terraces, and perhaps have a drink and lunch there.

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So I boarded the Vaujany gondola-lift that brings passengers to l'Alpette peak which is a mountain shared by both villages Oz and Vaujany. When the lift rose up beyond the silhouette of the gray clouds, I was surprised, and then very much amazed to see blue skies! Wow clear blue skies. Perfect weather for skiing! I could hear myself singing, "The hills are alive..." but helaas, I do not have my ski boots and skis on.

Nevertheless, I am posting in this blog the differences between weather conditions in the valley compared to the mountain peaks in the Alps. It can majorly vary and can change anytime. And that a gloomy overcast in the valley can stay for a day whilst up in the mountains it is perfect blue skies weather. Ironic is it not?

There is also a heartwrenching story behind the Vaujany gondola-lift which I will talk about in detail on a separate post soon.

Here is the video I took from l'Alpette gondola station going down to Vaujany station village:

Be prepared to stand in awe of mother nature. This video is a must watch! This short 5-minute video starts in gray but ends in blue =)

These pictures below on the other hand is the journey the other way around. These are pictures taken from Vaujany station village and going up to l'Alpette gondola station.

Our ride just arrived. This high capacity gondola (or cable car) can fit in 160 people.

Seeing less and less of the village as we journey up the Alps with the gondola-lift.

Then we are met with a cloud of uncertainty... will it be grey on top as well?

The other gondola lift pass by descending to Vaujany whilst ours go up and in the process we caught a glimpse of the village behind the overcast.

And lo and behold! Blue skies!!!

Mother nature is dramatic. She is amazing. We are always at awe of her.

Moi of course at the top of the l'Alpette mountain peak. The peak is shared by Oz and Vaujany villages.

You can see the thick overcast hanging above the valley here in Montfrais, another mountain in Vaujany. It was the end of the day and we had to act fast because the clouds were moving moving fast enveloping the whole terrain. We did not want to get caught in the middle of it so we hurried quick to the gondola-lifts. It was a sight to behold.

The thick gray cloud was moving fast enveloping the whole Montfrais terrain.

More alpine and wintersport (skiing and snowboarding) stories soon.

Travel Period: January 2017
Destination: Vaujany (Isere - Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes), France

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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