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Cebu, Philippines: Seaside City Mall, Skypark and Star Wars

Shopping malls are huge in the Philippines. Big business. There seems to be a new one being built every few months somewhere in the country. The newest addition is the SM Seaside City mall at the SRP coastal road of Cebu. It is said to be the 3rd largest shopping mall in the Philippines and 8th largest in the world.

A visit therefore to the Philippines is not complete without doing the “malling” thing =)

SM Seaside

The glass elevator is an installation worth to see. 

1000 pesos

Of course, it is part of my agenda to go malling and visit this newly talked-about shopping mall in Cebu! But the main reason why I will be visiting this Seaside City mall earlier than planned is because I need to shop. You heard it right -- I am going shopping!

For our family gathering on Christmas eve, we are giving each family member a gift. It is similar to an exchanging of gifts situation. To make sure that we are giving something that the person will like and will use, we have resorted into implementing some practical guidelines. Each one of us has created a gift wish list. We have also given a minimum budget per gift.

I am not a shopping gal, but when you are going out to buy a particular item for someone, the whole shopping activity does not become a boring chore anymore, but a purpose. So I highly recommend people to create wish lists for next Christmas because it makes shopping for presents really practical and easy.

At the Seaside City mall, my sister and I were able to shop and cross out a large number of items on the family’s wish list. Hallelujah, just a few more to go!

Love the free gift wrapping services they offer.

We had about 15 items wrapped and the staff asked us to come back the next day to pick it up because they have a huge wrapping backlog. No problemo. We are just thankful that someone is wrapping the gifts for us.

skypark sm seaside

The children's playground and viewing deck at the Skypark. Beautiful shade pavilion here designed by K. Cobonpue, a local designer.


A lot of people were doing the selfie thing here, including us!


We also visited the Skypark which is adjacent to the food court. It is without a doubt the newest attraction of the mall, rather, the whole SRP, haha. There is a colourful children’s playground designed by local designer Cobonpue, a spacious viewing deck and a number of outdoor restaurants.

Because we were in the tropics, it was obviously very hot here at the Skypark. After the obligated selfie/picture-taking, we sought shelter.

Then the sister and I settled for a little snack at the Lava, a cafe restaurant specialising in speciality lava cakes. I was not in the mood to eat anything sugary, however, the sister was eyeing the quesadillas on their menu so she asked for a serving. We were however entertained by the different colours of lava cakes several customers ordered. It is basically a small cake with hot gooey chocolate inside and topped with an ice cream. I am not a sweet-tooth person so I was not tempted at all =)


Having quesadillas snack at Lava. 

Cebu Skypark

The viewing deck at Skypark does bid a nice panoramic view of Cebu.

Another thing we did was watch Star Wars Rogue One.

SM Seaside City Mall boasts state-of-the-art cinema theatres. We watched the movie in 3D technology. It was really cool because we wore our 3D glasses. Yeah, 3D makes a huge difference in terms of the movie experience.

Well, I think I am getting old because I did not really enjoy the Star Wars movie. I find it to be ridiculously replete of non-stop action? Like I felt there was never a chance to breathe in and out? The scenes made me exhausted. It was OVER everything. In Dutch we call it TE. Too much. Too much of everything really. And all the main cast of characters died! That was unexpected and strange.

The story did manage to circle back to Darth Vader and Princess Leia, which brought back memories of Star Wars when I was a kid in the 70’s and early 80’s. Remember the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi sequels? Those were the best films in my opinion.

So, how shall I say this -- It is not the same? Not.

On the other hand, I have always been a picky type when it comes to movies. I much prefer documentaries, reality-life shows and secret service intelligence type of film entertainment.

cinema sm

This is the entrance to the cinema.

It was not a very full show at all. 

cinema sm seaside

Anyway, one thing I really loved about the SM Seaside City mall is the parking area!

It is massive, clean and high-tech. You will not run out of car parking spaces here. Plus you have the technology as your assistant. For parking spaces that are taken, a suspended red light automatically lights up on top of the parking space, whereas the light turns green when it is not occupied. This is really awesome. I wish we have something like this in the Netherlands.

And oh, it is free parking here as well! =)

Can you see the suspended red and green lights on top of the parking spaces? Those are not our cars by the way.

The mall also has an ice skating rink, a cyber zone and soon to be opened, Seaside tower. There is a contemporary church built on the property called the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. It is also currently building a Cebu Ocean Park. Residential buildings, hotels, a convention and exhibition centre, a school and a hospital are part of its future development plans.

I guess this part of SRP will look different when I come back next time around. We shall see.

Travel Period: December 2016
Destination: Cebu (Visayas), Philippines

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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