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Netherlands: Beautiful Photos of Utrecht Last Summer 2016

These pictures of Utrecht were taken last summer…

I never tire taking pictures. Sometimes I wish I get tired of this hobby, but it seems that the more I do it, the more I hanker for more. It goes the same way with taking pictures of Utrecht, my adopted hometown.

Bagels n Beans

The city is currently going through a significant facelift. It is a massive upgrade that the whole landscape of the city will change, and for the better. The old city centre will stay the same, though, as this is, of course, the historical and protected core of Utrecht but the central station and Jaarbeurs area will become a state-of-the-art cosmopolitan belt. The Singel canal will also be brought back which will bridge the old and new part of Utrecht Centrum. The project is implemented in phases and is slated to be completed in 2020.

To learn more about this ongoing city project, please go here: Utrecht CU2030 (good news: there is an English version of the website)

The CU2030 does not mean – See you in 2030 and that the project will be finished by then. It is a bit misleading. In fact, the major projects will be finished 3 years from now (2020)! CU2030 means to see you in the future and to ‘See you too 030.’ The numbers 030 is the region/area code of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The locals here have a tendency to call their city and region by their area code. Amsterdam, for example, is 020, while Rotterdam is 010, and The Hague, 070.

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I am inserting a picture of myself taken in the winter at our favourite cafe in Utrecht Centre, the Cafe le Journal on Neude:

Cafe le Journal

Having a glass of sherry here. Proost! We like this cafe a lot because they have a huge table with all the major newspapers and magazines in the country. All free to read!

Here are the rest of the beautiful pictures of Utrecht that I took last summer. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have taken them. Roll your cursor over the picture to read some detailed information.

Utrecht centrum
Firma Pickles Burgers and Wine Utrecht
Crab Burger

In July I met up with a few travel bloggers in Utrecht at Firma Pickles, Burgers & Wine in Utrecht. I ordered their crab burger as I was very interested how this would taste. It was very good, quite juicy and different of course from your usual meat burger.


The Oudegracht canal is a nice place to relax outdoors in the summer.

De Kleine Vleeshal

De Kleine Vleeshal circa 1432 is the Museum Quarter is the small slaughter house and the location of the Butcher's Guild during the medieval ages.

Colour Kitchen Utrecht

Parallel to the Oudegracht (old canal) is the Nieuwegracht (new canal).

Cat Nieuwegracht

Met this kitty whilst strolling this part of Utrecht.

Alley in Utrecht

Typical Dutch architecture: Gable houses.


The Single canal flows around Utrecht Centrum. This canal is being restored to flow between the train station and the old city centre which was converted into an underpass after the war. The current Utrecht city project is bringing the Singel canal back to where it previously was.

Lievendaal Villa

The Lievendaal Villa is built in Eclectic style in 1862 located in Zocherpark.

Mijn god kan tegen een grapje

Translations: My God lets me think on my own -- My God can take a joke. Poster from

Utrecht centrum
Fly work of art

Beautifully done!

Het Roeihuis

Het Roeihuis (Rowing House) - Can you see the paddle?

Flying Saucer

Can you spot the Flying Saucer (by Marc Ruygrok) resting on top of the Inkpot Building (the headquarters of the NS/Dutch National Railways)?

Lunch Bar Utrecht

One of the many cosy cafes to have lunch or hang out for drinks in Utrecht centre.


Outdoor cafe restaurant on Mariaplaats with the HKU Utrecht Conservatorium Music School in the background.

Street in Utrecht
Street in Utrecht

Typical street in Utrecht. In the core centre, in the main shopping streets of Oudegracht, Steenweg and Lange Elisabethstraat, biking is prohibited though! One can get a penalty if caught.


A place to share your used books. The rule is that you leave a book behind before getting one.

Travel Period: Summer of 2016
Destination: Utrecht Centrum (Utrecht), Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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