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On Taipei’s Streets: Pork Dumpling & Sticky Rice + Glass Noodles + Pickled Cabbage

Taiwan is famous for its street food and people swear that they come here just to eat.

I have eaten a few street foods in Taipei and so far these are the 2 random street food items I found in Wanhua District that I really liked a lot. Not to mention, both were amazingly dirt cheap! Long live Taipei street food =)

Pork Dumpling by the Dumpling Factory
Location: Baoqing Road near Ximen Station Exit 3
Amazing Street Food Price: NT$20 each = €0.60 (cheaper if you buy more)

Pork Dumpling

There are so many dumpling stands and restaurants in Taiwan! I have eaten soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) in a restaurant in Daán but I am reserving this for another post. Dumplings come in many varieties and they seem to be the most popular food of Taiwan. One can surely not miss this when visiting the country.

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I found this hole-in-the-wall dumpling stand at the other side of Zhonghua Road just across the famous Ximending. I was waiting for my shuttle bus to Jiufen and had time to kill. So I decided to go for a little walk and came across this food stand. They were just opening for the day and have started heating up the dumplings when I passed by. I always love an impromptu buy especially when it comes to delicious-looking street food.

But I was torn between ordering to taste or more. Since I had just eaten breakfast at the hotel, I thought I will just buy to taste. Well, this was quite good! And I thought this was like a cross between a bao (steam-filled bun) and a dumpling. Adding the spicy sweet sauce on top did the rest of the magic, though. Yum!

Pork Dumpling

Great timing, they were just heating up the dumplings when I passed by.

Sticky Rice + Glass Noodles + Pickled Cabbage
Location: Beside Longshan Temple on Guangzhou Street corner Xichang Street
Amazing Street Food Price: NT$30 = €0.90

Sticky Rice + Glass Noodles + Pickled Cabbage

After visiting Longshan Temple, I inspected the surroundings around the corner of Xichang which was quite busy, it was high noon and the street was flanked with many shops and street food vendors.

I quickly spotted a particular street food vendor that was selling glass noodles (vermicelli). I love this kind of food and I used to eat this back in the Philippines, so I lingered a bit trying to convince myself to buy. As I was eavesdropping, I noticed that everytime someone buys from the vendor, they get a serving of not just the glass noodles, but the sticky rice and pickled cabbage as well. So this made me all the more curious. I want to try them all too!

Not able to hold my curiosity, I approached him for clarification, however, he does not speak a word of English, and he was the shy type too. The chirpy female vendor beside him took her chance in explaining to me, in rapid fire Mandarin Chinese that I get all 3, the sticky rice, glass noodles and pickled cabbage for the price of NT$30. I was amazed that I actually understood her. Well, to be fair, she did all this animatedly, with her hands flying all over the place, inclusive her priceless expression. She even showed me a 10 and 20 to show how much it all costs. Love it, haha!

Ah, the things we experience when we travel =)

Taipei Street Food Vendor

The street food vendor on the corner of Guangzhou and Xichang Streets and the lady vendor who helped us seal the transaction.

Sticky Rice + Glass Noodles + Pickled Cabbage

You eat it in a plastic bag with chopsticks. Why not? I really enjoyed this one.

Travel Period: January 2017
Destination: Wanhua District (Taipei), Taiwan

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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