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Pictures of Westerpark Neighbourhood in Amsterdam

I will be missing this area of Amsterdam...

Boating in Amsterdam

The pictures in this blog post gallery were taken last year late summer and early autumn during an afternoon stroll in the borough of Westerpark.

Just to give you an idea, Amsterdam is divided into several boroughs. Most tourists prefer to stay and go around in the Centrum only (and a part of Oud-Zuid which is where the Museumplein is located), never really venturing out to other neighbourhoods in the city. Sometimes I do see a few tourists in Westerpark, looking very helpless and lost, as they poured over a map of Amsterdam trying to figure out where they were.

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Because the buildings in Amsterdam look very similar to each other, it can be confusing. A friend of mine visiting once told me that because of this she does not want to walk around Amsterdam on her own as every section is the same as the other. Maybe it can be intimidating for first timers and the not very savvy travellers, and may need a bit of time getting the hang of it.

So what I normally do to lost tourists is to tell them to just take the bus back to the central station. It is just a few minutes (7-10 minutes) ride back to the centrum aka tourist civilisation without the risk of getting lost again.

This is where Westerpark is located in Amsterdam:

The Amsterdam Centrum is the horseshoe-like canal belt area. 

This is the map of Amsterdam and her boroughs:

The city of Amsterdam is demarcated by the highway A10 which forms a ring around the city and the A5 and A9 on the western part.

Westerpark Neighbourhood Picture Gallery:

De Otter

I am not sure what is going to happen to this windmill (De Otter windmill) but it was threatened from being demolished (or transferred) due to a new building project in the area. People however have rallied up to save this piece of Amsterdam history.

Frederick Hendrikstraat
Dutch buildings

Typical Dutch buildings made of brick facade.

Dutch mom and child on a bike

This is a very typical sight in Amsterdam, and in the rest of the Netherlands.

De Wittenkade and Kattensloot
Jacob Catscade bridge

Jacob Catscade bridge and boat houses on De Wittenkade.

Rooster Cafe Restaurant

A nice cafe restaurant (Rooster) on the corner of De Wittenkade and the Jacob Catscade bike and pedestrian only bridge.

Jacob Catscade Bridge

Ben je mooi! -- You are beautiful! or What beautiful you are!

Car full of stickers

The STICKER car.

David Bowir at CPC

David Bowie at CPC (Checkpoint Charlie Cafe) on the Nassaukade.

Kids, doves and a Utility Bridge House
Frederik Hendrikplatsoen

Frederik Hendrikplatsoen (Frederick Hendrik mini park).

Travel Period: Summer and Autumn of 2016
Destination: Amsterdam West (Amsterdam - North Holland), Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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