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Random Street Photography in Cologne, Germany

These pictures were taken last year on the 1st of September.


A new month just kicks in, bringing autumn closer, but on this 1st day of September, the weather was warm as a summer's day in Cologne. My plan after work was to visit this food market a reader told me about. I love it when readers of my blog give me suggestions of new places, events and even food to try. Keep it coming please! =)

So after work, I searched for this food market which is only open on Thursdays, which starts in the afternoon until late in the evening. However, for some reason, I could not find it. I did not bother asking anyone as well. I can be moody sometimes so I am giving that as a valid excuse. Nevertheless, I was a bit disappointed and thought that perhaps, for some important reason, they have cancelled the market for this particular week. But a few days later I realised that I went to the wrong square. The market should be on Rudolfplatz and not Neumarkt! Had I walked 3 more blocks I would have seen it. Well, next time then.

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On the other hand, I have more than an hour on my watch before getting on my train back to Utrecht, Netherlands, so I decided to go grab a little bite. I have not eaten Bratwurst for a long time so this seems to be the best suggestion on top of my head. I like the fact that in Germany they serve the sausage with a very small bun.

After which I spent some time relaxing and people watching at Alter Market (Altermarkt) with a fizzy fruity cocktail drink. The nice thing about people watching on a cafe terrace is that I can easily take pictures of my surroundings.

I would love to develop my skills (if I have, haha) in street photography, although I will, If I must, insist on using a normal pocket camera. I really need to learn to tinker around with it, but it just costs so much time.

Nonetheless, it was just another day in Cologne.

Tips on squares  and areas to hang out in Cologne:

  • Altermarkt (of course)
  • Heumarkt
  • Rudolfplatz
  • Fischmarkt 
  • Am Hof street
  • Intersection of Ehrenstrasse and Benissesstrasse
  • Brusslerplatz in the Belgian Quarter

The picture gallery of course:

Severins Bridge

A lot of people hang out and walk up and down the Rheinauhafen boulevard during summertime and when the weather is good.

Rhine River

Entrance to Shildergasse, the main shopping street of Cologne.


A quick bite of Bratwurst. Do you prefer ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard? Maybe all 3?


Altermarkt (Alter Market) is one of the squares in Cologne with many outdoor cafes.


My fizzy fruity cocktail's view is the tower of the Cologne City Hall.

Altermarkt cafes
Class picture

Always a nice idea to take a class picture during travels.

Girls in Cologne
Cafe in Altermarkt
Girls in the cafe

We cannot live without our phones anymore...

Outdoor cafe scenes
Segway Group Tour

I have never tried riding a Segway. Well, not yet I suppose!

Am Hof

The busy Am Hof street.

Cologne Hauptbahnhof
Cologne Train Station Hauptbahnhof

On the steps of the Cologne Dom Cathedral in front of the Cologne Train Station  (Hauptbahnhof).

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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