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Awesome Lunch at the Top of Zurich: UTO Kulm Restaurant ‘Allegra’ in Uetliberg

This lovely lunch in the mountain of Zurich has got to be the highlight of my trip to the city last September. The food was delicious, the ambience and setting gorgeous and the views were hands-down fantabulous! In the company of great friends =)

UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra Uetliberg Zurich

UTO Kulm Restaurant ‘Allegra’ is perhaps the highest elevated restaurant in Zurich. It is located in the only mountain of the city, Uetliberg, accessible by a 20-minute train ride from Zurich Hauptbahnhof. They call this place – the Top of Zurich.

I happen to know about this restaurant because I was staying at the UTO Kulm Hotel, the only resident hotel in Uetliberg mountain, which, by the way, I will blog about my stay here soon separately. The restaurant is UTO Kulm Hotels’ flagship restaurant called Allegra. I was going to meet with Bubbles and M and suggested to them that we’ll see each other for lunch at my hotel’s restaurant, mentioning on the side, of course, that it has its own outdoor terrace with great views.

It was easy to convince the girls who were looking for some adventure and fun outside the city centre. They chimed in, “Oh, this feels like going on a day trip.”

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Indeed, going to Uetliberg is like going on a day or half a day trip from Zurich Old Town! Even if you just come here for lunch or for the views. I highly recommend!


I am not sure how popular this restaurant is but it is advisable to reserve a table in advance if you want to dine on the outdoor terrace. I did by speaking to the head waiter, and informing him on the side as well that I am a hotel guest since I booked last minute. I specifically reserved a table on the corner railing of the terrace, so as to give us ladies privacy from the other diners and vice versa. You know, we are girls and girls tend to talk and giggle a lot, hehe.

Dutched Pinay Bubbles UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra

Cheers! Prost! Proost! Cincin! Saluti! Sante!

When the girls arrived at the restaurant they were wowing about the place and the views. Thankfully, I got the approval stamp and before we knew it we were led by the wait staff to our table. Once settled and after having taken the obligatory photos (selfie sticks et al, haha), we ordered lunch.

Our idea for lunch is sharing so we agreed on the Buffalo Mozzarella salad with tomatoes and pesto and the Bundnerteller (Grison plate) which consists of air dried beef, raw ham, mountain cheese and pickles. We ordered bread as well and of course, some chilled (white) wine and bitter lemon. I cannot remember which wine it was, though.

I can say that this lunch at Allegra was as lazy and fulfilling as it can be, and right so. This is exactly how I lunch. Easy and slow, with lots of chatting over delicious food and drinks with good friends (or family) in a very conducive, lovely and relaxed environment, preferably on an open terrace with a fantastic view. I mean how can you not be pleased with this spectacular panoramic view of Zurich and beyond? No wonder they call this place, the Top of Zurich.

All these sound very epicurean and self-indulgent but I am not apologising =)

It was also great to be able to catch up with Bubbles after SO MANY YEARS. It’s been 2 decades since I last saw her and lost contact, and this place and the whole outdoor nature ambience was just the perfect setting for us to reconvene again. Talk about making it really worthwhile!

UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra Top of Zurich
Grison Plate UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra

I love charcuterie and anything thinly sliced dried meat or salami.

Buffala Mozzarella UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra

Delicious Buffala Mozzarella salad with tomatoes, basil, rucola, pesto, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. The wafer-like toast accent made the dish, though! Artistically plated.

Top of Zurich - Uto Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg
Lunch UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra

My plate, of course,  =)

Top of Zurich - Uto Kulm Restaurant Allegra Uetliberg


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Take the SZU (Sihltal Zurich Uetliberg) train in Zurich Hauptbahnhof. This is the S10 train on platforms 22/21. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach Uetliberg. Once you have reached the final station, take the road going up through the woods for about 7-10 minutes’ walk. The restaurant is just beside the hotel in front of the TV tower.

The S10 train goes every 30 minutes and on weekends, every 20 minutes.

OWN CAR: The hotel restaurant is located in a car-free recreation area so you will need to park the car somewhere (nearest is Parking Feldermoos) and take the SZU – S10 train to Uetliberg.

It is approximately 30 minutes in total with the train and including the walk from the final station to the restaurant hotel.

S10 Uetliberg Platform 22

This is the S10 to Uetliberg on platform 22 in Zurich Hauptbahnhof.

The hotel & restaurant offers assistance for mobility challenged guests and you will have to arrange this in advance. They actually have a service car running between the hotel and the final station which is mainly for hotel-staying guests use.

If you have an extra day or even half a day in Zurich, by all means, visit Uetliberg and have lunch or drinks here. The views are worth it. They also have many hiking trails in the mountain. In addition, there are 2 other restaurants and 1 café in the mountain, namely: Berggasthaus Uto-Staffel, Restaurant Gmuetliberg and Jurablik café.


Top of Zurich - UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg
Top of Zurich - UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg

Zurich views and beyond...

Swiss Francs

I could not help but admire how colourful Swiss money is! The girls paid me in cash and I, in turn, have the lunch billed through my room, which is the reason why I ended up with this amount of cash. I rarely walk around with lots of cash like this in my wallet, though.

Top of Zurich - Uto Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg

Perfect day to lunch outdoors in Zurich!

Top of Zurich - Terrace UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg
View Top of Zurich - UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg
Top of Zurich - Terrace UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg

The terrace here at UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra is huge. You've got an inner and outer terrace. When the weather is great, the outer terrace is obviously better.

Top of Zurich View - UTO Kulm Restaurant Allegra in Uetliberg
Top of Zurich - UTO Kulm Dutched Pinay

Behind us is Zurich City in the far distance... and you can even see Lake Zurich.

Top of Zurich - UTO Kulm Restaurant & Hotel in Uetliberg

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Uetliberg (Zurich), Switzerland

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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