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Conditorei Café Schober (Peclard) in Zurich: Coffee, Chocolates and Patisserie in Century-old Chic Café

Perhaps the oldest and chicest café in Zurich! This elegant café is a must visit for people who love the sweet stuff and/or the finer things in life.

Conditorei Café Schober
Fruit Tart

I have read about the Conditorei Café Schober before travelling to Zurich. The café has several names which have only added to my confusion, such as Peclard Schober, Peclard Café, Café Schober and Conditorei Schober. Rest assured, they are all one and the same!

It is an old café and chocolate candy shop that has been revered in the city as synonymous to quality, heritage and taste. The conditorei dates back to 1842 when it was founded by Eberle and taken over by Schober who ran the shop for 66 years until his death at 92. It is now managed by Peclard who continues the tradition. People, this is the real Swiss chocolate and patisserie deal.

There is no question that the café oozes rich history and quality confection products, but there’s more to that. This café has an elegant Neo-Baroque interior design which makes a visit here a very lovely and special experience.

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I was in Zurich to meet up with a very old long-lost friend, Bubbles. She and M stayed in the Old Town while I booked a room in the only hotel in the Uetliberg mountain because I simply wanted something different. We were on our second day in Zurich and were to meet up in the morning for a sightseeing walk around the Old Town in Niederdorf followed by a café break, more sightseeing further down the river and then a late lunch.

Well, I haven’t had my breakfast yet as I was thinking of grabbing something to nibble during the café break. I do not need huge portions for my morning meal, just a little bit would be fine.

Now I was eyeing to check out Café Schober which I remembered as Peclard Café, but sometimes, when you are in a group, you have to concede that eventually, the consensus is king when choosing for places to go to. You have to be flexible and be ready to compromise. I wasn’t able to find Peclard Café to show to the girls and was ready to give up until we passed by this street corner on Napfgasse going to Spiegelgasse and noticed this elegant patisserie café.

I peeked through the window and became excited by what I saw. The girls followed suit and before we knew it we were inside and oh dear me, our eyeballs dilated and we could not stop grinning. Wow, what is this place?

The Neo-Baroque ceilings and interior design of the café were really a lovely surprise! It is stunning and so royal, and I am sure old as well. On the shelves and pedestal tables were chocolates, cookies and pastries exquisitely presented and gift wrapped. The savoury tarts and cakes displayed in the shop glass counter were looking gorgeous and very tempting. I think we all went giddy. You know girls, women, love places like this. We unanimously agreed to sit here for our café break, and it was then that I realised that this was the Peclard Café I was looking for. Peclard is Café Schober or Conditorei Café Schober. Now that is what I call luck!

Because Bubbles and M have had breakfast at their hotel, they decided to only take coffee and hot chocolate and a small pack of cookies, while I settled for the real deal – a cappuccino and a mini fruit tart pastry. I am not the sweet-toothed type but having this from time to time is fine by me. The fruits on top made this pastry less sweet as well, and who can actually resist such scrumptious beauty? (check out the pictures please)

The café has 3 floors and there are (private) salons and tea rooms upstairs, also nicely designed and with character, but we decided to sit on the front outdoor terrace. Sitting outdoors is always better.

I have to say that this is a great place for breakfast and lunch, but also for afternoon tea and coffee, and for some drinks and snacking in between as well. The patisserie shop is great for buying chocolates and pastries for on-the-go snacking (not advisable if you want to keep fit!) or to bring home as souvenirs to family and friends. This is, of course, a different league than Lindt, much better, and more special and authentic.

They are open every day as early as 08:00 until 19:00, except for Sundays when they start at 09:00. On Thursdays through Saturdays, they are open until 23:00.


On the junction of Napfgasse and Spiegelgasse, you will find a lovely hilly square with outdoor terraces. This is Oberau Zaune and one of my favourits spots in the Old Town. It’s a very nice quiet and elegant section in Niederdorf. Great place here to have lunch, drinks or dinner if you want to stay away from the crowd.


Conditorei Café Schober
Conditorei Café Schober

The elegant interior of Conditorei Cafe Schober.

Conditorei Café Schober
Swiss fruit tarts chocolate pastries

I cannot say no to these fruit tarts. Can you? 

Conditorei Café Schober
Conditorei Café Schober Peclard
Café Schober Peclard

The shop and cashier area... they were even using a very old cash register with design on its casing. It's very beautiful and elegant.

Conditorei Café Schober (Peclard)
Fruit Tart at Peclard Zurich

This was really delicious. I finished every bit of this.

Conditorei Café Schober

We had a nice little chat with our pretty wait staff. It was her first day at work and we wished her much success =)

Conditorei Café Schober
Conditorei Café Schober Peclard
Conditorei Café Schober Terrace

Outdoor terrace of Cafe Schober (Peclard).

Conditorei Café Schober Peclard

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Niederdorf, Altstadt (Zurich), Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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