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Fascinating Modena Street Scenes and Modena Travel Recap

This is my last entry of Modena (Italy), until of course my return which we do not know yet. One thing for sure, though, and that is, I love Italy... and I will come back!

Modena streets

A typical street occurrence in a town or city in Italy. Locals just bring out their table on the street and eat and drink there together with family, friends and neighbours (and passersby as well!).

Italy is a country that you can easily fall in love with. Seriously, it is a multifaceted country that has a lot to offer. Do you want art, culture, architecture, history? What about divine Italian gastronomy? Oh, and there is stunning nature as well! I have only been in the north and the farthest city in the south I have visited was Rome. I have ventured out to Frascati though, which is half an hour south of Rome and home to the locally famous wine of the same name and the once Papal vacation house Castel Gandolfo, now a museum.

I have vowed however to visit all the beautiful places in Italy, one trip, one region, one city and one village at a time. Culture tripping, savouring its local delicacies and just really basking in the dolce vita lifestyle. It sounds very decadent and carefree, but we all want that, don’t we?

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So back to Modena, I am glad that I have visited the city. I did the city for half a day, combining this with Parma, also a small city half an hour from Modena.

The city centre is very compact and there’s a lot to see and enjoy. My highlight here would have to be my visit to the Albinelli Market (Mercato Albinelli). I love food and markets so I am a bit biased, haha. I am sure that everyone visiting Modena will be buying its most valued product – the Modena Balsamico, but when I was here, I found myself buying salamis instead. I adore salamis! I also have an excuse for not buying the balsamic vinegar because I still have some Modena balsamico at home. Well, 2 bottles even, one for cooking, and the other for dressing.

But other than that, Modena is just a lovely city to walk around, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on one of the piazzas whilst people watching, visit the market, have lunch in one of the many local trattorias, check out the history, art and architecture of the city, and then sip an aperitivo before having dinner with real Italian fare.

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Modena Travel Guide


Here is my picture gallery of Modena City. The pictures are not in chronological order and are randomly posted. Do hover your cursor over the pictures for detailed information.

UNIMORE modena

Moi here at the UNIMORE (Universita Degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia). I did not realise the building behind me is a university. I parked at Novi Park and this is where I got out. The city centre is just behind the gates of this university.

Modena street scenes
Piazzala San Giorgio
Piazza San Domenico
San Domenico Church
Via Luigi Albinelli

Via Luigi Albinelli is the street where the Albinelli Market is located (left on the picture). Now this particular grandma, if you can see her on the picture, seems to have dyed her hair in fiery orange. Although that would seem too forward for me if I was her age, I commend her though for her originality, bravery and I-don't-care-what-you-think attitude. 

Modena old world street scenes
Caffe del Collegio

In Modena (and in the Emilia-Romagna region, especially Bologna), you will find many cafes and restaurants extending their services outdoors in vaulted collonades.

Colonnades Modena
Modena street scenes - side street cafes
Cafe on Via Emilia Modena
Chiesa della Madonna del Voto

Corso Duomo, the street at the back of the Modena Cathedral. You can see the Chiese della Madonna del Voto at the end of the street.

Outdoor cafes Modena
Outdoor cafes in Modena

This is what I love about Italy. Lots of outdoor cafes when the weather is good for it. Well, I guess everywhere in Europe, huh? Although the Italians have the reputation for long lunches and dinners.

Outdoor cafes in Modena
Outdoor cafes in Modena
Modena street scenes

Of course, an Alfa Romeo should be on the streets, and not some German or French car.

Modena Street Scenes
Seminario Metropolitano
Modena street scenes

This is one of my favourite pictures of Modena. That little balcony is just bursting with lots of flower and colour goodness!

Modena Street Scenes
Carabinieri in Modena

For some reason the Italian Police, the Carabinieri arrived and partly cordoned this area.... while this guy continued walking nonchalantly, being so very focused on his mobile phone, unmindful of all the police action around him, haha.

Carabinieri in Modena
Chiesa di San Giorgio

This is just one of the many small churches in Modena, Chiesa di San Giorgio.

Modena Street Scens
Clown Day

VIP Modena Onlus is an organisation of clown volunteers helping sick children the weekends in Modena. I just hope Hollywood films would stop featuring clowns as serial killers.

Modena street art
Modena street scenes
Synagogue in Modena

A beautiful Jewish synagogue on Piazza Giuseppi Mazzini. 

Duomo Modena

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Modena (Emilia-Romagna), Italy

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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