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Lefkada, Greece: Afternoon Lunch at Akrogiali Taverna and Beaching at Ammoussa Beach

During our summer holidays in the Greek Islands, it is my responsibility, well naturally, to scour the internet and Google Maps for idyllic beaches, cosy tavernas, cool hotspots and charming villages to visit on the island we are staying. Most of the time, though, I only get the full picture when we are there on the ground because the less popular Greek Islands (islands not often in the radar outside the European travel market) that we normally go to are not heavily documented online. Thankfully, it is getting better as the years go by.

Ammoussa Beach

The small cove beach of Ammousso in the south of Lefkada Island.

Greek lunch in Akrogiali

Greek-style lunch at Akrogiali Taverna in Ammousso.

This is partly my personal mission, aside from journaling my travels, is to document all our Greek island holiday escapades for other Greek Island lovers out there, and for those who are interested in holidaying or visiting and are planning their travels and looking for ideas. I journal every detail of our lunches and dinners at every cafe and taverna, and all the lovely Greek villages and beaches we have visited.

In Lefkada (this was our 2016 summer holiday), we spent a lazy afternoon in a small and intimate beach cove called Ammoussa, which is also spelt as Amousa and Amousso. It is located in the southern part of the island near the village of Marantochori. This is just before reaching the beautiful beach town of Vasiliki. In Marantochori you go into this small road that will lead you down to the beach. This is very typical in the Greek Islands to leave the main road or a paved street and go down further to a route that looked like a less travelled path, most of the times unpaved, just to reach a lovely beach that is nicely tucked away from the outside world. This is what makes the beaches in Greece really special.

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This is our route to Amouso Beach from Nydri where we were based for our summer holiday.

Dutchman and I usually rent a scooter whenever we are summer holidaying in the islands but because the Dutch mother was with us, we have opted to rent a small car instead. With the car, we can go faster of course, so I guess that is an advantage. We have for sure missed the feeling of being one with the island and nature which is the experience you get out of riding on a scooter. We wait then until the next summer holiday.

There are also 2 other lovely cove beaches nearby – Afteli and Agiofili – which we would have loved to visit as well but didn’t get to as we can’t be rushing from one place to another. When we holiday in the Greek Islands, our pace slows down. Life literally slows down for us. We normally visit 1 or 2 places only per day and stay put, depending on how far these places are from our base. Usually combining a lunch and beach time at a particular beach, and later in the day, a visit to a nearby village for some sightseeing and eventually a dinner in the same place to close the evening.

2 weeks summer holiday was not enough to uncover the secrets of Lefkada, but we managed to discover and enjoy a few of its hidden gems, such as Ammoussa Beach.


After successfully finding a parking space, we settled at the Akrogiali beach bar and taverna. The taverna beside Akrogiali which is facing the main beachfront area was more like a beach bar whereas Akrogiali looked more like a real taverna where you can have lunch.

Akrogiali - Lefkada

We normally eat a very light lunch so we ordered a Greek Salad and a Gemista to share. Gemista's are rice-stuffed grilled red paprikas and they are typically Greek. This late lunch is going to be a good combination of warm and cold.

Now every meal in Greece comes with a portion of bread served on the table, which is not free by the way. The bread is a cover charge for about 50 cents or 1 euro. This may be very insignificant in value but the danger comes when you start eating it unconsciously. So we always take this bread cover charge into consideration because bread can be heavy in calories. When you eat out every day in your holiday, you have to learn to watch your portions, otherwise, your weight will go berserk after the holidays.

Nevertheless, we have enjoyed this lunch at Akrogiali very much. Below are the pictures.

Akrogialia Beach Bar Taverna in Ammousso Beach
Lunch - Akrogialia Beach Bar Taverna, Lefkada
Greek Salad

We never tire of eating this every day when we holiday in the Greek Islands.

Gemista - Rice stuffed paprikas

Traditional Greek Cuisine - Gemista (rice-stuffed paprikas and grilled to finish).

Lunching at Akrogiali
Lunching at Akrogiali, lefkada

Those Gemistas were for sure huge.



The other taverna beside Akrogiali is more of a beach bar. It has, however, the best view and ambience to sit down for a drink and relax on the beach, if you are not laying down on your sunbed. The pictures below won’t lie.

Beach Bar in Amoussa
Beach Bar in Amoussa


  • Just like Afteli and Agiofili (the 2 other lovely cove beaches), Ammoussa is an islet, a beach hidden from the strong currents of the Ionian Sea. The beach here is calm and perfect for swimming and just hanging out for the day.
  • There are 2 tavernas on the beach front of Ammoussa.
  • There is limited parking here so when it gets busy you may have to park on the narrow road.
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas have a fee but they are not expensive. You may want to bring your own beach umbrella in the high season as this beach gets quickly full.
  • It is a pebble beach but when you get in the water it is sand. Bring your beach shoes to be sure.


Now that lunch is over, it is beach time. Well, let me correct that, it is siesta time on the beach, something we all have been looking forward to for the day =)

Amousa Beach

We did not expect the beach to be busy since the high season will be in 2 weeks time, yet we were very lucky to have snagged 3 sunbeds and parasols. They were actually the last ones not taken. What I love about this beach is that they have a wooden walkway to the water which is really handy for everyone. I do, however, wear my beach shoes now. In the Greek Isles, many beaches are pebble beaches, some are even rocky which are not best to walk on barefooted.

I managed to dip in the water a few times and did the usual stuff. Read my book, people watched, took lots of photos and even snoozed a bit. This is a typical ritual we do almost every day in the Greek Islands, which I am missing right now.

We usually call it a day when the sun starts to set down the horizon, and around 19:00 we begin packing up. We then go to a nearby town or village to do some sightseeing before finally having dinner somewhere nice on the waterfront.

See the rest of my Ammoussa beach pictures below.

Amousa Beach in Lefkada
Amousa Beach

Dutchman sometimes likes to take silly pictures.

Amousa Beach in Lefkada
Sparrow in Amousa beach
Amousa Beach

I really find this beach elegant, what with the beach walkways and the thatched-roof parasols. In addition, it is a small beach, giving an intimate and exclusive ambience.

Amousa Beach in Lefkada
Amousa Beach in Lefkada

Travel Period: June-July 2016
Destination: Ammoussa, Apollonoi (Lefkada Island - Ionian), Greece

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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