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Lefkada, Greece: Charming Beach Town of Vasiliki

2 weeks was not enough for us to see all the gorgeous beaches and charming villages in Lefkada. For this reason we have missed on Vasiliki Beach, however, we managed to visit the town for a quick sightseeing and evening dinner.


Like most Greek coastal villages, Vasiliki used to be humble fishing village before it became a prime tourist beach town attracting the windsurfing community for its outstanding sea breezes. It is located at the southern tip of Lefkada Island and looks over to its sister islands, Ithaca and Kefalonia, both by the way we have visited the other year.

Because of its location being open to the sea, Vasiliki is vulnerable to anything the Ionian Sea vomits to its shore. This is the reason why regular passenger and cargo boats in Lefkada dock in Nydri where the crossings are more sheltered. Vasiliki sometimes cannot handle the fickle current of the open seas and for this same reason is Vasiliki known as one of the great places in Greece for windsurfing.

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There is also an unusual wind here called ‘Eric’ that visits the town every afternoon. Where I come from in tropical Asia, a storm is only named after a man if it is a strong one. I am not sure how that goes in Greece but I am guessing Eric must be of significant strength to have become a celebrity in this town. I am sure he is very much prized among the windsurfing community in Vasiliki. Unfortunately, I was not able to witness Eric’s legendary windy act as I was in Ammoussou Beach sleeping on a sunbed. Tough luck, I know.

I haven’t asked any local why they call this strong afternoon breeze Eric. I guess it is a good idea next time to ask. I mean, hello, Eric? Sandy or Willow would have sounded nicer.

Vasiliki harbour
Vasiliki, Lefkada
Vasiliki harbour


Well, we arrived in Vasiliki past 19:00. We came from nearby Ammousso Beach where we spent the whole afternoon relaxing. Now, this meant for us that we only had less than 2 hours to see the town in proper daylight. The sun starts setting down in Greece after 19:00 but the light in the atmosphere drags on until 21:00. By the time it is 21:30, it is already dark.

My first impression of Vasiliki was of delight. The beach area is what you will see first from the main road and as you come closer to the harbour you will see the many outdoor cafes and restaurants dotting the waterfront boulevard. The whole scene looks very inviting and festive, which quite reminds me of Fiskardo village in Kefalonia that I have visited the other year.

People were just filling up the tables outdoors when we arrived, having pre-dinner drinks while families with children are already on their dinner time.

Vasiliki is surely prettier and cosier than Lefkada town and Nydri. The ambience here is very much that summer island holiday feeling. Fresh, romantic and very laid back, yet refined. It is perfect for couples but also for families with children. I guess there is something for everyone here no matter the age and stage you are in your life. Although the atmosphere could be different in the peak months of July and August.

We decided to first stroll around town. It will be dark soon so we right away hit the shopping streets. I never plan to shop when I am on holiday, but I am open to buying anything when I see something really nice. My purse stayed closed as that did not happen in Vasiliki. So we continued walking around, surveying now the outdoor terrace scene on the harbour boulevard and towards the port where many sailboats were docked. On top of our mind is to find a restaurant later for dinner.

Outdoor cafe and restaurant terraces on the harbour of Vasiliki


  • Vasiliki is approximately an hour’s drive from Lefkada town.
  • The nearest airport is Preveza in mainland Greece. Lefkada is connected with a bridge to the mainland.
  • It is the 2nd largest holiday resort in the island after Nydri.
  • There are ferries here going to Kefalonia and Ithaca. Do take note that services can get cancelled when there are strong winds.
  • Vasiliki beach is mostly pebble and shingle.
  • Windsurfing is the town’s famous sport; it is a windsurfing paradise during the high season in July and August.
  • On the other end of the shoreline is the village called Ponti. This is a good alternative for those seeking a more quiet atmosphere to spend the day or evening.


I will leave you, for now, the rest of the pictures I took of Vasiliki.

Vasiliki Harbour
Vasiliki Beach and Harbour
Vasiliki Harbour

Dining on the water's edge is something you can do anywhere in the harbour in Vasiliki.

Vasiliki shopping
Vasiliki, Lefkada Island, Greece
Old women balcony Vasiliki

This is not just a touristy beach town, locals really live here. The lower part of these residences have been transformed into shops and offices.

Shopping Vasiliki Lefkada

The Dutch mother posing with all the summer holiday goodness on sale.


And a souvenir picture of course from me.

Shopping street Vasiliki Lefkada
Shopping Vasiliki

I like it when they randomly put a coffee table and chairs on the street. The lady reading the book had a little quick time off. Maybe she went to the toilet =)

Outdoor restaurants Vasiliki Harbour
Outdoor cafe Vasiliki

The offering of outdoor cafes and restaurants on the water's edge is endless here in Vasiliki, as compared to Lefkada town and Nydri.

Shopping street Vasiliki
Outdoor dining Vasiliki
Outdoor cafe restaurants in Vasiliki

The outdoor dining ambience on the water's edge is perhaps the most attractive factor of Vasiliki when going out, either for cup of coffee, lunch, some drinks or dinner.

Unique menu

What a unique way to present your menu to your guests =). Can I get a Mousaka please?

Outdoor dining Vasiliki
Outdoor restaurants Vasiliki
Vasiliki Harbour, Lefkada Island

The dusk beckons on the harbour of Vasiliki.

Vasiliki Harbour
Greek fishing boat

There were a few traditional Greek fishing boats docked on the port and we saw a few fishing enthusiasts as well.

Shopping evening Vasiliki
Vasiliki Port

Port area of Vasiliki. Most boats that are docked here are sailboats, a few yachts and some traditional Greek fishing boats.

Shopping street Vasiliki

Travel Period: June-July 2016
Destination: Vasiliki, Apollonoi (Lefkada Island - Ionian), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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