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Meganisi, Greece: Spilia Harbour and Chilling Out at Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach

We normally book our Greek Island holiday with a travel company and this means staying put on 1 island for the whole duration of the vacation. We do this mainly for the one-stop-shop package deal we get out of from booking with a travel agency and of course, for the convenience as well.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t island hop. In fact, this is high up on our list of things to do. We usually make use of locally available cruises. Each holiday island in Greece always has a number of excursions on offer and with a variety of cruise themes to choose from as well. In addition, there are local public ferries that sail regularly to nearby islands. They are oftentimes reliable and cheap.

Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach, Meganisi Island, Greece

In Lefkada, we managed to take a whole day islands cruise to what they call, ‘The Undiscovered Islands’ which I still have to blog, well, hopefully soon. My blogging backlog is phenomenal but at least this backlog keeps me going =)

The other island we visited was Meganisi Island, which is perhaps the easiest and most convenient day trip from Lefkada. We took the public ferry in Nydri, Lefkada which is our base for the entire 2-week holiday. The ferry can accommodate vehicles so we brought our rental car with us. Transportation costs are inexpensive in the islands so bringing a rental car, van, camper or scooter on board is not a problem. However, during the high season, it is advisable to come early at the port because the ferry has a volume capacity limit.

So for this blog entry, I will be posting the last activity we did on the island – beaching and chilling out at Spilia Beach.

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But before I do so, please find below my previous Meganisi posts for reference. Our itinerary, what we did, where we ate and even a photo essay.

Thus the last thing we did, spending our last few hours on the island was at Spilia Beach, located just beside the harbour where we will be taking the ferry back to Lefkada.


I had a little discussion with the Dutchman about this beach because he prefers Fanari Beach which is located on the far end of the eastern part of the island. Fanari is far better than Spilia Beach of course so I will not argue with that. It was in this quiet, secluded and pristine area, and obviously, it was like love at first sight for the Dutchman.

But inasmuch as I would love to stay there, we have a ferry to catch at the end of the day in Spilia Harbour. It is the last sailing for the day to Lefkada and I surely didn’t want to miss this boat and be stranded on the island.

Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach, Meganisi Island, Greece
Agrios Beach Bar Spilia Beach

The advantage of staying at Spilia Beach than at Fanari is that it is just beside Spilia Harbour. You can even see the ferry approaching from your beach shore location which is very ideal. I did not want to take chances so I put my foot down. I just want to have a relaxed time, not having to check the watch and then drive in panic from the east to west. The Dutchman gave in, albeit halfheartedly, haha. After all, logic always prevails in decision making, at least for us.

On Spilia Beach we found the Agrios Beach Bar offering sunbeds and parasols, as well as food and drinks. Right next to the beach bar is the Spilia Taverna, an open-air restaurant situated on the water and serving local Greek dishes for lunch and dinner. The bay beach is not big at all and it was not busy when we were here.

We settled at the Agrios Beach Bar for the rest of the afternoon. It was a very laidback couple of hours mostly spent reading a book and sipping Greek frappe. I haven’t migrated to e-books yet so I have been reading real paperback books all this time. This coming summer I might move over to e-books.

The Dutchman, on the other hand, had so much fun with the hammocks on the beach. I mean, the hammock was in the water! Now, that is one great idea methinks. Scroll down for the photos to see what I mean.

Here is our location on the island:

Zoom out to see where we were in the Greek archipelago and in the world.


Meganisi Island has 2 harbours, namely, Spilia Harbour and Vathi Harbour.

Spilia Harbour is not big. After all, this is a very small island. The port is located below the Spartochori village, one of the 2 main villages on the island, the other one being Vathi where we enjoyed a lovely late lunch on the harbour. There is an alfresco taverna here situated on the water called Porto Spilia, which by the way, has direct views of all incoming boats. I cannot speak for the food but this is a great place for boat watching, I am sure.

Spilia Harbour Meganisi

The ferry from Lefkada docks at both Spilia and Vathi harbours but it looks like the last ferry service going back to Lefkada only departs from Spilia. The crew were quite proactive in informing passenger day trippers about this by announcing the schedule during the ferry ride, by placing signboards and by leaving leaflets on the vehicles. Thank you very much!

We managed to be on time for the sailing back to Lefkada. We highly recommend this island day trip to anyone staying in Lefkada.



Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach, Meganisi Island, Greece
Spilia Beach
Spilia Bay Meganisi

Some of the scenery on Spilia Bay.

Spilia Beach

You can see the harbour from the beach shore.

Spilia Beach Meganisi
Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach, Meganisi Island, Greece

It would be nice to curl up here and read a book.

Greek Frappe Agrios Beach Bar Spilia
Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach
Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach

The seats here at Agrios Beach Bar are really nice and comfy.

Greek Frappe Agrios Beach Bar Spilia

Greek frappe - A must drink/try when in the Greek Islands.

Hammock Spilia Beach

A hammock on the beach! Why not?! Brilliant idea.

Agrios Beach Bar on Spilia Beach, Meganisi Island, Greece
Spilia Beach, Meganisi
Taverna Spilia Meganisi

For lunch and dinner, there is Taverna Spilia on Spilia Bay Beach.

Taverna Spilia, Meganisi
Agrios Beach Bar Spilia Beach
Agrios Beach Bar Spilia Beach Meganisi

I am loving the hut design of Agrios Beach Bar. 

Sunbeds parasols agrios beach bar meganisi
Hammocks Spilia Beach

Those hammocks on the water are brilliant.


Spilia Harbour Sailboats
Spilia Harbour, Meganisi

One of the boat cruises docking in Spilia Harbour. Those eyes help guide the ship safely!

Porto Spilia Taverna Meganisi

Porto Spilia Taverna beside the Spilia Harbour.

Travel Period: June-July 2016
Destination: Meganisi (Lefkada Island - Ionian), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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