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Recap of My Travel to Novi Sad, Serbia

If you are visiting Belgrade and you have an extra day to spare, I strongly suggest that you visit Novi Sad, the second largest city in the country. I was here last year and I spent 2 days and 1 night in the city. I have to say that Novi Sad was one of my highlights in this Serbian city trip.

Dunavska - Novi Sad
Wake Up Novi Sad

I arrived in Serbia via Belgrade, flying with KLM from Amsterdam. At the Belgrade Airport, I rented a car which I booked of course ahead of time. I wanted some comfort and privacy going to Novi Sad, so a rental car was the best solution.

Novi Sad is actually not too far from Belgrade, however, there is no railway connection between both cities and if I go with public transport, I will have to do this with the public bus or I take a taxi. The last thing I would want to happen is to become a harassed chick frantically lugging my suitcase on the streets of Belgrade, looking for the bus to Novi Sad (the bus names and destinations are only in Cyrillic alphabet) and hoping someone will speak English with me. My problems are not over yet though because when I get to Novi Sad, I will have to find my way from the city centre to the fortress where my hotel is located. Logistics and language wise it’s just a big hassle. I do not have any patience for this.

In addition, I’m not a starter in life anymore who is saving her pennies so I do not mind paying extra money for some comfort and peace of mind. A car will also help me maximise time since I am only staying a night in Novi Sad.

Here is some practical information on travelling by a rental car in Serbia: Road Trip Route, Rental Car, GPS Issues, Parking Tips and more

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So from the Belgrade Airport, I drove straight to Novi Sad on A1 (E-75 highway). I thought I will do Belgrade after since I am leaving via Belgrade Airport anyway. The city of Novi Sad is approximately 1 hour from the capital and the drive on the highway was very uneventful and reminds me of the highways in Croatia and Hungary – There were almost no cars!

In Novi Sad, I stayed at the crown jewel of the city, the ancient Petrovaradin Fortress which has its own lovely resident hotel. When I first saw this hotel on Booking, I just can’t believe my eyes that I could get a beautiful room for such a very affordable price? I mean just look at the picture below.

Check out my review here: Hotel Leopold I at the Petrovaradin Fortress

Hotel Leopold I - Novi Sad

I got this Executive Double Room with river view at Hotel Leopold I for €47 a night only including a royal breakfast. I think it was a special offer and I just got lucky?

Novi Sad

Novi Sad in Cyrillic alphabet which is the main alphabet used in Serbia but I see the Roman alphabet also used interchangeably. I realised that the paper on this pole with telephone numbers are (free) advertisements. I first saw this similar way of advertising your personal business in Spain many years ago.

The first thing I did after checking into my hotel room was to eat. This lunch was very late that I skipped dinner later that night and went straight to dessert instead. Luckily there is a row of restaurants on the rampart of the fortress with nice panoramic views to the city. You see, the Petrovaradin Fortress lay on the Danube River bank across the city. The stronghold basically looks toward Novi Sad and it is the perfect little quick getaway place where you can dine or have a drink with a view. Well of course when the weather is nice. I was here end of March and the cold freezing part of winter is already a thing of the past.

Novi Sad, the capital of the autonomous province Vojvodina, has a very long and tumultuous history going back to the 4th century B.C. The city played a major role in the Habsburg Dynasty (Austro-Hungarian Empire) and later into the now-defunct, Yugoslavia. I will spare you with all the details because they are available online (Hint: Wikipedia).

The city is small and can easily be covered in 2 days. 3 days would be pushing it. A day trip from Belgrade is also perfectly fine. I highly recommend a visit of the city if you are staying in Belgrade for more than 2 days.

Below you can find my detailed blog posts with lots of pictures on my travel experiences in Novi Sad. Where I ate, what I did, which market I visited, the architecture I saw and what I have observed. It is like a mini-guide, well, hopefully, if you share the same tastes in travelling with me. At the least, it will give you an idea somehow in planning your day visit or stay.


Liberty Square - Novi Sad

This is the heart of Novi Sad, the Liberty Square, always a great place to hang out.


  • Liberty Square (Trg Slobode) – This is perhaps the most beautiful and charming part of Novi Sad, and rightly so since this is the city main square.
  • Petrovaradin Fortress – Must visit! The fortress is just a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre. There are many taxis who can take you as well for just RSD 10-15 (Serbian Dinar).


Novi Sad


Below you will find some more pictures of Stari Grad (old city centre) by day in Novi Sad that I was not able to publish in my older posts. Hope you like them!

Danube's Park

Danube's Park is located beside Stari Grad (old city centre of Novi Sad) very near to the Danube Riverbank.

Tulips - Novi Sad
Danube's Park

The Dunavska is a busy commercial street filled with beautiful pastel-coloured buildings. You can shop here, have a bite and drink somewhere, or just stroll past the lovely buildings.

Novi Sad
Dunavska Street, Novi Sad
Novi Sad, Serbia

Just cannot help myself but notice the details of this particular door which looks like a Catholic Church mini confessional booth.

Trg Republike

This is the Trg Republike (Republic Square) which is where you can find the farmer's market.

Novi Sad
Novi Sad Outdoor Cafes
Novi Sad

This is one of the many beautiful restored buildings in Novi Sad.

Novi Sad
Cafes in Novi Sad
Novi Sad Streets

This is one of the pedestrian only streets in Novi Sad with a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants. It gets busy here in the evening and  of course during the warmer months.

Novi Sad, Serbia
Outdoor Terrace - Novi Sad

This is one of the best places to sit in the city with some cosy ambience... drink a cup of coffee, people watch and just kill time. This is a way of enjoying travel as well.

Travel Period: March 2016
Destination: Novi Sad (Vojvodina), Republic of Serbia

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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