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Zurich, Switzerland: Climb the ‘Lindenhof Hill’ for the Best City Views

Everyone loves a beautiful view I am sure, and all the more we want to experience it, embrace it and breathe it when we are travelling.

Lindenhof Hill, Zurich

I personally am a sucker for great views. I pick my cafes, bars and restaurants mainly for the view (and ambience too) it can offer. Naturally, I research beforehand and go to the best viewing spots of the places I am visiting as well. In Zurich, the best (and free!) spot to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city would have to be the Lindenhof Hill.

The Lindenhof Hill is an elevated park with views to the Limmat River and Niederdorf, the other medieval quarter of Zurich Old Town. I have read that the area is actually a moraine hill which means it is a remain of a glacier. Hmm... sounds interesting huh?

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Now I won’t go into detail about moraine hills and glaciers, but you can google them, of course, =)

The Lindenhof Hill is located in Zurich Altstadt (Old Town) in the Lindenhof quarter. It is right above Schipfe, approximately 25 metres above the River Limmat. On top of the hill is a park with a public square and the remaining of the Roman medieval city wall. We saw many people, young and old, buying their time and hanging out with their bought food and drinks here at Lindenhof Hill. I noticed that this place is very popular amongst the local young people. Many were courageous enough to sit on the ancient stone walls, their feet hanging carefree, as they watch the passing activity on the Limmat River and on the Limmatquai.

We came here just before the sun was setting down. Bubbles, M and I didn’t really stay very long here at Lindenhof Hill, but we enjoyed the views immensely and managed to take a lot of pictures. Pictures of the views, the river, the surroundings but not of us and myself! As you can see, I got clearly carried away, haha.

Lindenhof Limmat River

This is the only pic of us in the Lindenhof Quarter on the Limmat River courtesy of her smartphone and selfie stick. This is before the hike to the Lindenhof Hill.

The Lindenhof Hill is definitely a ‘must see and must visit’ in Zurich in my book. I really love it that you can sit here and watch the goings on below on the river and the Limmatquai. You have a great panorama of the Niederdorf Quarter (the other half of the Old Town), the Grossmunster Cathedral and the Rathaus (City Hall) and its pedestrian stone bridge. I guess this is what you call, people watching from the top! And all for free.

By the way, the Jules Verne Panorama Bar on Urianastrasse also has great views of the city. That is if you are able to secure a table. It is a small and round bar so I would not be surprised if people just stand when it gets busy.

Here is the location of Lindenhof Hill in Zurich Old Town:

Here is my Lindenhof Hill picture gallery:

Lindenhof Hill

The Bride and Groom pictorial I noticed is a big practice in Asia and in many Asian communities around the world. Well, the bride looked very much Asian...

Lindenhof Hill
Park Lindenhof Hill Zurich

Many locals and young people hang out here at the Lindenhof Hill.

Views Lindehof Hill
Views Lindenhof Hill Zurich

The many views at the top of the Lindenhof Hill.

View Limmat River Lindenhof Hill
View Niederdorf Lindenhof Hill Zurich

Across is the other part of the Old Town, the Niederdorf.

Views Lindenhof Hill
City View Lindenhof Hill Zurich

I am not sure if I would do the same thing, though!

Limmatquai Limmat River
View Lindenhof Hill

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Zurich, Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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