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A Day at Vromolimnos Beach in Skiathos, Greece

For a small island as Skiathos, it has unbelievably over 60 beaches!

Dutched Pinay Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

But many of the beaches on the island are unorganised beaches and some are even called virgin beaches because they are very difficult to reach. We tried locating a beach we were eyeing in the north but decided to give up when we realised there is no road to get there. One will have to hike.

We have not visited all the 60+ beaches, but Dutchman and I have for sure our own favourites. We tend to fall for smaller, cosy and organised beaches that have a cool taverna and a smattering of sunbeds with parasols. Throw in some cool music and we are happy beach campers. On top of our favourite list is Vromolimnos Beach located in the southern part of the island on the corner of Kanapitsa cape.

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Dutchman and I discovered this lovely beach one afternoon when we were surveying the south on our scooter for beaches. We have seen many beaches on this particular day including the famously long and sandy Koukounaries Beach which we found too bland and boring for our liking. From all the beaches we have seen on that day, only 5 were interesting and 3 made to our favourite list.

Vromolimnos is part of the Top 3!

Vromolimnos Beach is sandy and shallow only on the shore. When the water changes its colour into a deep blue, the depth suddenly drops by metres. Dutchman swears it is very deep, like swimming into an abyss cliff. Let us just say that I tend to swim near the shore, rather wade on the shore =)

There is a water sports facility here where you can do parasailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding and more, as well as rent a boat or raft. More importantly, it has its own resident taverna called Porto Paradiso Vromolimnos Beach Bar Restaurant which serves lunch, snack and cocktails on the menu. The beach bar does play good music throughout the day which was really nice and which is a requirement for us to decide to stay and hang out.

Sunbeds with parasol cost 8 euros a day for a set of 2.

The crowd is very varied here, we saw teeners, young families, middle-aged and golden-aged couples. During the weekend we noticed many Greeks (groups of teenagers and young families with children), not sure if they were residents of the island or local tourists.

Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Dutched Pinay Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Moi here at the end of the day with our rental scooter at Vromolimnos Beach.

Positive points:

  • Cosy small beach
  • Waves are calm, great for swimming
  • Not too crowded (first half of June)
  • Taverna has great and relaxed atmosphere, as well as good music
  • Beach has long day/sunlight as it’s facing the south

Negative points:

  • Sunbeds do not have a mattress and look tired
  • Taverna has expensive cocktails starting at 9 euros (Skiathos is more expensive than the other islands we have been to)

Vromolimnos Beach picture gallery:

Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

A perfect day at Vromolimnos Beach!

Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Peter James - A Twist of the Knife

Reading Peter Jame's - A Twist of the Knife. It's an interesting read, a compilation of short stories that are somewhat dark and creepy and laced oftentimes with morbid imagination and unexpected superstition. 

Porto Paradiso Beach Bar Taverna Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Porto Paradiso Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Porto Paradiso Beach Bar & Taverna in Vromolimnos Beach.

Parasaliling Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Menu Porto Paradiso - Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Club Sandwich Porto Paradiso Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Club sandwich and fries order from Porto Paradiso for a little afternoon snack (super late lunch) on the beach.

Parasol Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Footprints on the sand Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Summer House Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Summer house at the end of the cape on Vromolimnos Beach. Would love to stay here!

Sunset Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece
Sunset Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

At the end of the day at Vromolimnos Beach, around 20:00 hours.

Vromolimnos Beach, Skiathos, Greece

Travel Period: June 2017
Destination: Skiathos South, (Sporades - Thessaly), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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