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A Day in Parma, Italy (and My Photos!)

Architecture Parma, Italy

The Baptistry (the rose pink building) and the tower of the Parma Cathedral just around the corner.

Parma ham and clothes for sale

You know you are in Parma when retail clothing stores sell and hang (Parma) ham beside their clothing and shoe products =)

I have been wanting to visit the foodie capital region of Italy – Emilia Romagna for a long time already. I knew that KLM flies direct to Bologna from Amsterdam which is handy so I made it happen in spring last year. I think it’s a good thing to visit Italy once a year, just for the food and the amazing architecture.

Together with Bologna, I visited the foodie cities of Parma and Modena as well. I even managed to swing by to San Marino, one of the smallest states in the world!

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My visit to Parma was quick though. I spent an afternoon until the evening in the city. I had no real plans but to walk around and enjoy the Dolce Vita atmosphere, sightsee and gaze at the medieval architecture and just really soak in the Italian culture and relish it. I did try my hand on shopping though but I didn’t find anything worth taking the extra kilos in my baggage home.

Street Parma, Italy
Parma, Italy

The city was very busy; there were lots of young people walking around in groups, laughing and cajoling each other, and there was music playing in every square. The always curious me just followed the music and the throng of crowds which is how I got to quickly see the main sights of Parma.

There was a bike gym marathon at Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi which went on non-stop even if it was raining. I had to duck at one of the arcades and wait for the rain to stop. The rain never stopped until the evening but it slowed down in between which gave me the opportunity to walk around with my black shawl covering my head, haha. Unfortunately, I have no umbrella with me.

Across the bike gym marathon even is a little gourmet market that I was contemplating on checking out again. I love dried salami! But then I realised that I already bought a lot when I was in Modena earlier in the morning. So I just went around on a tasting spree =)

Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi Parma, Italy

This is a part of the Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi.

Street scene Parma, Italy

I was also able to visit several beautiful churches. Most of them had masses going on with quite a number of people in attendance which I find really encouraging since religion these days have suffered a backlash. I am not a believer myself but it gives me a good feeling when people are steadfast in their own beliefs. Respecting each other’s belief and non-belief are key to coexisting peacefully.

But what can I say? The Duomo Cathedral (Parma Cathedral) is stunning! Must, must, must visit when in Parma. Simply breathtaking from the inside.

At the Commune di Parma building, there was also a wine festival going on. I just went around and didn’t really try any wine. It wasn’t that busy, perhaps because of the rain.

My initial plan was to have dinner here in Parma but instead, I ended up having an Aperitivo in a bar cafe called Gran Caffe Cavour which was just right up my alley that evening. Sometimes you just want to sit outdoors, relax with a smooth and simple cocktail like Aperol Spritz, people watch and nibble on some little bites. No (fine) dining stress at all.


Beautiful Parma
Church Parma, Italy
Mass service Parma, Italy

Visited this Catholic Church that was having a mass service.

Church doors Parma, Italy
Governor's Palace Parma, Italy

Inside the fitting room: Did try to shop around but wasn't successful! This is the Governor's Palace on Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi.

Gola Gola Festival Parma, Italy
Wine Festival Commune di Parma

The Wine Festival at the Commune di Parma.

Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi Parma, Italy
Governor's Palace Parma, Italy
Market Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi Parma

The little gourmet market in Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi. Love the salamis! I managed to have a tasting spree here =)

Salami market Piazza Guiseppe Garibaldi Parma
Parma city scenes
Girls in orange in Parma

The girls in orange. I think they were trying to be pumpkins!

Street scenes Parma, Italy
Parma Cathedral tower
Colourful Parma

A very colourful street scene in Parma.

Passage Parma, Italy
Parma scenes

I forgot to bring an umbrella but I have my trusted shawl =)

Church service Parma, Italy
Church Parma, Italy

Visited another church having a mass service.

Cakes and macarons
Tall windows and balconies Parma, Italy

Tall and narrow windows with wooden shutters and mini-balconies.

Girly boutique Parma, Italy
Wine Festival in Commune di Parma

So I went back to check out the Wine Festival again at the Commune di Parma. A good excuse as well to stay away from the drizzles.

Commune di parma building in Parma, Italy
Street scene Parma, Italy
Cafe terraces and gourmet food shops in Parma, Italy
Gourmet food shop Parma, Italy

The PARMA HAM! And other salami options and gourmet food choices. I am salivating (I am crazy about salamis). *sigh* I just love Italy.

Parma ham
Parma, Italy

Helaas, it is still raining in Parma.

Aperitivo Parma, Italy

The Aperitivo hour has begun in Parma. Aperitivo is very popular under the younger people who have less budget for going out. With your cocktail drink you have free food already =)

Gourmet delicatessen Parma, Italy

Of course, Parma is the hometown of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese as well.... which is a staple in my kitchen. Great for pasta toppings and delicious when you take a little chunk and dip it in real Modena balsamico.

Restaurant Parma, Italy
Palazzo della Pilotta Parma, Italy

The main entrance to Parma, the Palazzo della Pilotta.

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Parma (Emilia-Romagna), Italy

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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