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Amsterdam: Lunch at BAUT & Dreesmann, Shopping and New York Film Academy Cafe

This is a very long overdue post.

The view at BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

The view at pop-up restaurant BAUT & Dreesman.

Last October, Bru and I spent an afternoon in good old Amsterdam. A city that I am quite familiar with having worked here for many years altogether.

I have however changed jobs this summer and that means I have stopped going to Amsterdam (where my previous job was located) on a daily basis. Do I miss the city? Well, I am not sure, haha. My nonchalance may have something to do that Amsterdam is just around the corner for me. I have since been back though in the city but just for a quick business visit. I will for sure, in the coming weeks and months, be popping in and out of Amsterdam, both for work and pleasure =)

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BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam


So Bru and I started our afternoon in the city with a late lunch in BAUT & Dreesmann.

I was curious about the place after having seen some pictures circulating in social media. It is some sort of a pop-up literally moving restaurant. BAUT moves location to location in Amsterdam. I happen to visit their pop-up restaurant on top of the now defunct Vroom & Dreesman (V&D) department store. The entrance is not on Kalverstraat but on the other side of the building, on Rokin.

As of writing this, BAUT has moved since, to the eastern part of Amsterdam, on Paradijsplein. The restaurant is now called BAUT Paradijs.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

Art in the lift.... very hippie, sixties feel.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

Nice view huh =)

In all of BAUT's restaurants, the interior and ambience are very catchy. It is a fusion of contemporary lines, some trendy accent, artsy flair and industrial design. There is an air of hip and unfinished construction. An undertone of chichi feel. Many pop-ups and new restaurants popularised by the young professionals, the in-the-know and in-the-scene have this kind of swanky atmosphere.

For lunch, Bru settled on a fresh green salad with marinated beef strips and I a steak tartare with foie gras and a toast. Of course, we had some wine, and because we had meat and the weather outside was a bit gloomy, we ordered red wine. Just a glass each.

Bru liked her salad and beef strips. The steak tartare and foie gras, on the other hand, did not disappoint. We were both delighted with the aesthetics of the dishes. I find presentation as important as the taste of the food.

Lunch BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

Bru is enjoying her beef salad lunch.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

Fresh garden salad with marinated beef strips.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
Steak tartare foie gras BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

Steak tartare with foie gras and toast.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

The pop-up restaurant has great views of the old buildings on Rokin.

We were seated on the window with lovely views to the old Dutch buildings across, although if I look down I could see some construction men working on the Rokin canal pavement. As far as I can remember, this work-in-progress of Rokin has been going for AGES.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

The bar area of the restaurant.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam

The restaurant was not full but it was quite busy.

BAUT & Dreesman in Amsterdam
Bru and moi

A quick selfie before hitting the shops.


After lunch, we did some shopping on Kalverstraat, just below BAUT. I cannot remember anymore if I bought anything. I do remember that it rained a bit and that we walked on the Dam Square towards the Damrak.

Kalverstraat shopping street in Amsterdam

The always very busy Kalverstraat shopping street in Amsterdam. Not always the best place to shop in my opinion but its the easiest to find with a large concentration of shops shopping area as it is very central, just off the Dam square.

Bloggin shirt

Nah, I did not buy this.

Bru and moi here at Kalverstraat. Sometimes you have to "shopping" chore.

Horse carriages at the Dam square, Amsterdam
The Dam Square in Amsterdam

I love this picture of the Dam, just after a little rainfall.

It was getting a bit late so had we grabbed some last minute drinks before calling it a day.


This cafe is located in the Beurs van Berlage building, in the former Dutch Stock Exchange building which was established in 1602. It is, by the way, the first stock exchange in the world. It is an old historical building on the Damrak. Amsterdam visitors arriving by train will see the big brick building on the left side.

New York Film Academy Cafe in Amsterdam
New York Film Academy Cafe in Amsterdam

This building goes back to the early 1600's! I am liking those arches and do check out the details on them and on the ceiling. Beautiful.

New York Film Academy Cafe in Amsterdam
New York Film Academy Cafe in Amsterdam

I bought back then some cheap spectacles because I am getting old, I cannot read the fine letters anymore. I have since replaced this with a real prescribed by the optician reading glasses. Interestingly, they measured my eye grade and it is +2.75 which is far too much for my age, so we adjusted it to +2.00. Not wearing them all the time anyway as they will be for reading only.

New York Film Academy Cafe in Amsterdam
New York Film Academy Cafe in Amsterdam

They do offer film-making workshops in the building.

Damrak, Amsterdam

All in all, it was a lovely day in Amsterdam!

Travel Period: October 2016
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), the Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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