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“Meet & Eat” Street Food Market in Cologne, Germany

During one of my regular Cologne business trips last year, I managed to schedule an after work visit to a local street food market, the “Meet & Eat” at Rudolfplatz.

Meet & Eat street food market in Cologne, Germany

I learned about this street food market through someone who happens to chance upon this blog. He is from Germany, also very well-travelled and is into food markets. He emailed me about this street food market tip in Cologne after having read that I visit the city regularly for work.

Don’t you just love travel, culture and food tips like this? Thank you so much!

So if you have a tip for me, fire away =)

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Hahnen Gate Tower Rudolfplatz Cologne

The market is located at Rudolfplatz, at the site of the Hahnentorburg (Hahnen Gate Tower), a restored 13-th century gate tower that was once part of the medieval city walls.

Meet & Eat street food market at the Rudolfplatz in Cologne

The food vendors came with their (food) trucks equipped with a kitchen.

Some of my travels totally revolve around food and the delightful sensory-laden experience I get from it. I obsess about market places, the local cuisine of the country I am visiting, the street food scene, unique cafes I am going to discover and lovely restaurants with a view that I am going to enjoy.

My love for food has actually been developed through this avenue. My travels. I learned that I have a very strong and passionate appetite for new foods. There is this constant nagging, and a deep curiosity as well, to discover and taste a new world of food.

So I am glad that I received this timely tip and quickly planned a visit which happened last October. I normally do 1-day work trips with the ICE train. It takes me 2 hours and 15 minutes train travel time from Utrecht (NL) to Cologne (DE). Not bad at all. But for this particular work visit, I stayed in Cologne giving me the opportunity to check out the Meet & Eat street food market at Rudolfplatz.


The Meet & Eat (der wochenmarkt mit speisen am abend) street food market is a regular event in Cologne that happens ONCE A WEEK, on EVERY THURSDAY. From 16:00 until 21:00 (or maybe later), which was just perfect as it fits right into my own schedule.

Ceviche at the Meet & Eat Cologne

I went for some fresh raw fish salad - Peruvian Ceviche with sweet potato, lettuce salad and grilled corn bits.

My goal for this visit was to find something new or something I haven’t tried for a long time. I was basically open to anything. When I arrived, the crowds just started pouring in. It was after 17:00 and people just got off work so the real traffic will come a bit later. The first thing I did was to survey the food trucks, most of the vendors came with their food truck, which I guess is the handiest way to travel especially when you are bringing your kitchen with you.

I saw the usual German culinary on offer. Slabs of barbeque meat on a spit, bretzels, fat sausages but I also saw other food types such as desserts and snacks and a wide array of international cuisine as well. My tastebuds were craving for something different and I knew for sure that I didn’t want to eat meat that evening. I then came upon this food truck advertising Peruvian cuisine, they were offering fresh Ceviche on the menu. Now that sounds good!

Ceviche for me is not really new. Where I come from, in Cebu, Philippines, we have a similar vinegar-based dish called “Kinilaw”. It is basically the same except that we do not use lime but a local citrus fruit called calamansi aka lemoncito (from the calamondin fruit). We also make use of ginger and of course chilli, tomatoes and onions together with the freshly cut, usually in cubes, raw fish meat. I just knew I didn’t have to look any further. This is what I am eating.

The Ceviche was delicious. It was garnished with lots of thinly sliced red onions and coriander on top. There was a side lettuce salad with boiled sweet potato and grilled corn bits. I love the grilled corn bits! The only thing I would have added to this dish was more spiciness. Chillies, please!

Location of the every Thursday street food market in Cologne:

It is approximately half an hour walking time from Cologne Central Station/Hauptbahnhof, but there are city trams and buses of course.


Meet & Eat street food market at the Rudolfplatz in Cologne

A public tent in the middle of the square is erected temporarily for people to sit down and eat together. It really is a place to Meet & Eat, but only on Thursdays.

Meet & Eat street food market at the Rudolfplatz in Cologne, Germany

Hmm, I haven't tried a "hot" Aperol Spritz yet. Must be a good substitute for Gluhwein (mulled wine) during winter.

Meet & Eat street food market at the Rudolfplatz in Cologne, Germany
Meet & Eat street food market at the Rudolfplatz in Cologne, Germany

Food trucks and their kitchen at the Meet & Eat in Cologne.

German tapas
Meet & Eat street food market at the Rudolfplatz in Cologne, Germany

Of course, a street food market in Germany is not complete without grilled "schwein" meat and some traditional bretzels.

Bretzels, Crepes, Galettes Meet & Eat Cologne
Peruvian food truck - Meet & Eat street food market at the Rudolfplatz in Cologne, Germany

This is the Peruvian food truck where I bought the Ceviche.

Ceviche - Meet & Eat street food market in Rudolfplatz in Cologne, Germany

This was so good. I licked the biodegradable plate clean. Love pickled raw fish. Always brings me back home, to my younger years.

Food trucks Meet & Eat street food market in Rudolfplatz, Cologne, Germany
Meet & Eat street food market in Rudolfplatz, Cologne, Germany

If you happen to find yourself in Cologne, on a Thursday, and you like food? Check Meet & Eat food market at the Rudolfplatz.

Travel Period: October 2016
Destination: Cologne (North Rhine Westphalia), Germany

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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