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Bologna Aeroporto: Plane Watching and a Ham, Salami and Rosé

While waiting for my plane in Bologna back to Amsterdam...

Snacking and waiting for my flight in Bologna
Alitalia Bologna

The airport isn't really that great. I arrived a bit early because I had to return the rental car. So I have exactly an hour to bum around in the airport.

La Vecchia Trattoria slash Italian gourmet souvenir shop is the only thing interesting and worthwhile dining at in the airport. My flight is scheduled late in the afternoon and it wouldn't be bad to have a late real Italian snack (well early dinner for me already) before boarding my flight.

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Bologna Airport

I am flying with KLM and they usually offer a cheese or chicken sandwich for their European flights, which I am not very keen on eating though. In general, I do not like sandwiches. Because I prefer to eat bread as a side and not as a main dish.

The menu offered some relief when I saw a charcuterie mix. I initially asked if I can order half but they insist that it is only available as it is. The charcuterie mix turned out to be some Parma ham and salami (forgot which variety but it looks like Finocchiona). It came with a light yoghurt-ish cream and fig jelly. The combination of the cream and jelly was really delicious. Because it was a bit of a warm day I paired it with a glass of sparkling rose.

The nice thing I like about this Trattoria is the view. It was easy to plane watch where I was sitting. Apart from my rose and charcuterie, that is all that matters =)

Do you snack in the airport while waiting for your flight?

Anyway, I will for sure be back in Italy. But it will be a different town, village and city next time. Always chasing the Dolce Vita!

La Vecchia Bologna shop Bologna Airport
Wine charcuterie La Vecchia Trattoria Bologna Airport

The charcuterie mix came with warm thinly made pita-style bread.

Ham salami La Vecchia Trattoria Bologna Airport
Yoghurt cream fig jelly La Vecchia Trattoria Bologna Airport

One of the best combinations so far. 

La Vecchia Trattoria  - Bologna Airport, Italy

Just beside the trattoria/bar is a more formal dining area. It has, of course, a much better view of the planes and the tarmac.

La Vecchia Trattoria  - Bologna Airport, Italy
Ryan Air in Bologna Airport

Two Ryan Air's, and managed to catch the other one taking off.

KLM in Bologna Airport

This is my plane back to Amsterdam =)

Alitalia in Bologna Airport
Bologna Airport

Travel Period: May 2016
Destination: Bolonga (Emilia-Romagna), Italy

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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