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Last April in Amsterdam and The Seafood Bar for the Second Time

When girlfriend Bubbles was in the Netherlands last April, we visited many places and of course, Amsterdam cannot be missed, even if we are only going for 1 day.

The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

Dinner at The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam.

PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam

PC Hooftstraat, a luxury shopping street in Amsterdam nearby the Seafood Bar.

Bubbles have been in Amsterdam a few times, so we only allocated a day to spend in the city. Well, an afternoon and an evening to be precise as we don’t want to behave like rabid tourists. We want to sleep in and have a late breakfast before hopping on the intercity train to Amsterdam. No need to rush.

Now Bubbles wanted to visit the famous Dutch museums as she has never done this in her previous visits. But because of a lack of time she had to pick only one, and so she decided to visit the Rijksmuseum. She really wanted to also visit the Van Gogh museum but I guess this will be another time, well another year I suppose =)

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Garden Rijksmuseum

One of the gardens of the Rijksmuseum.

Seriously, you need at least 2 hours in the Rijksmuseum, and even then the 2 hours are too tight. In order to really appreciate the art exhibitions and the stunning museum itself (the building is a display of fine Dutch architecture), which included visiting the souvenir shop and having a cup of coffee and a cake in the café, you need 3-4 hours.

I have been to the Rijksmuseum a few times so I didn’t go with Bubbles, instead, I went for a walk and then I had coffee at the bar of the café called Cobra, just across the museum on Museumplein (Museum Square). Where I sat at the bar my attention got caught on a catchy cover title of a magazine, “Meals that get you laid”. Hmm, quite tempting to buy it, haha.

Meals that get you laid

Then I picked up Bubbles who was still very high from her Rijksmuseum experience at the souvenir shop. I knew of course where to find her, haha. She was very ecstatic with the souvenirs she just bought, and was already daydreaming where she will place some of them in her home. I must say that the Rijksmuseum souvenir shop has very cool stuff.

We continued shopping for more souvenirs at the Museum shop on Museumplein until they kicked us out as it was closing time. That was the sign telling us that it is time for dinner.

Fountain - Museum Square

The water fountain at the Museum Square (Museumplein) where the Iamsterdam logo is located. This water fountain becomes an ice skating rink in the winter season.

Street Musicians passage Rijksmuseum

These street musicians under the passage of the Rijksmuseum were very good! Great artists.

The next on our agenda was dinner at The Seafood Bar just around the corner. I have been here before and I only have praises for my last visit where I ordered a plateau of Fruits de Mer for 1 person. It was a very memorable lunch.

When we arrived, the restaurant was full and there was a long queue of guests waiting. Actually, there was a long list of waiting guests. We took the bite and waited for 45 minutes to get seated, but while waiting, we had our gin and tonic cocktail at the waiting area. Not bad at all, at least the drinking has started =)

Gin & Tonic - The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

While waiting for our table...

Gin & Tonic - The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

Exactly around 45 minutes, we were called. We knew already what to order as we have been salivating for this particular plateau for the last 3 quarters of the hour. We’ve seen it being served on a number of tables. The “Mixed Grill”.

The Mixed Grill consists of crustaceans and fish from the griddle; shrimp, squid, corvine fillet, prawn, lobster and mackerel fillet, served with mussels in tomato sauce. We added a supplement for fries and salad to balance things out.

The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam
Mixed Grill - The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

The Mixed Grill at the Seafood Bar in Amsterdam. So delicious!

Well, we definitely ordered the right dish! Delicious finger-licking goodness, we were totally wowed, except that the whole thing was too much for the two of us. You really need to come here with a growling empty stomach! Just look at how big the mixed grill plateau is.

Oh, we managed to spy a group of older English women tourists sitting behind us. They were probably in their 70’s and they just looked so cute together. Now this is what I call a real -- All Girl’s Trip to Amsterdam.

More pictures of our dinner at the Seafood Bar:

Mixed Grill - The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam
Dinner The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

Pictures first before eating =)

Lobster - The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

I started with the lobster first!

This lobster claw was not enough. The waiters are kind enough though to break the thick and hard claw if you request for it. They even filleted the lobster of the table next to ours.

The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

The restaurant has expanded and they now have 3 branches in Amsterdam. This one at Van Baerlestraat is the original one.

Coffee - The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

Finishing the delicious dinner with some coffee.

Here are more pictures of Amsterdam of course!

A public passageway with a stunning artistic ceiling somewhere on the Damrak.

Electric Car on PC Hooftstraat

I would love to have an electric (or at least hybrid) car soon! But not as small like this though.

PC Hoofstraat advertisement
Amsterdam canal
Amsterdam at night

Just around/nearby the Spui area at night.

Amsterdam building
Amsterdam buildings

Your typical Amsterdam buildings.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), the Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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