Thursday, September 28, 2017

Amsterdam Dinner Cruise

This is probably my eight or ninth canal cruise in Amsterdam... and the fourth dinner cruise.

The first and second dinner cruises I had were work-sponsored. If I remember it correctly, the first one was a company dinner cruise for new hires in EMEA and the second one was a Christmas dinner cruise. The third was with the Dutchman on board the Supperclub Cruise. And now this, the fourth one, also work-related =)

Cruises, as you can see, are very popular events in Amsterdam.

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Since this is a work-related event, I won't be able to tell much, except about the food, the boat ride and what I saw.

We booked the dinner cruise with the boat company called Lovers. It is located right across the Amsterdam Centraal Station (on the side where you can find the 3-storey bike parking). The dinner cruise package was a 4-course meal on a 4-hour program cruising through the old canals of Amsterdam Centrum.

As this was a rather touristy activity with an equally touristy boat operator, I have set my expectations really low, and surprisingly, it worked well to my advantage. The food, the company of course, the sailing, the whole execution and everything else that evening turned out all right. Everyone enjoyed it!

Also, everyone seemed to love the second course, the little soup. Well, I did, especially the crunchy cheesy breadstick that came with it. The main course which was fish was also good. I cannot complain really.

The captain was also very cooperative and he managed to bring us even to some of the infamous spots of the city (read: Red Light District). I guess this is pretty normal to me now. Nothing shocks me anymore after 15 years of living in the Netherlands, haha.

After the dinner cruise, the team went out for more drinks. It was a fun loooong night! Let's just say that I managed to get back to my hotel safe and sound =)

First course: Roast beef and salad greens and veggies. This was quite nice. The white wine served was also very good. Glad I was not driving as I drank a lot.

Second course: My favourite.... some soup (I already forgot but super delicious) and cheese breadstick. Very simple yet very tasty.

We are cruising here the canals of Amsterdam.

Fish, which was a mix of Salmon and another fish, served with a compote of potatoes, carrots, celery and gravy.

Strawberry mint mousse for dessert. This was the least I liked that evening.

Brownies, macarons and coffee to finish the evening.

Your typical Amsterdam scenes.

You get a fine of 90 Euros if you bring your glass (with alcohol in it) outside of the bar to the streets. There are police roaming around the city checking for unsuspecting violators. It is easy money for the government.

My NH hotel room in Amsterdam.

Travel Period: June 2017
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), the Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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