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Cebu Visit 2016 Photo Essay

So another photo essay on what I did last year during my visit to Cebu, Philippines. This is basically a part of my daily life when I was there which was documented by my camera but did not make it to a blog post =).

I guess you can call these the in-between scenes. They are as important as the posts that made into a blog post because they reflect a dose of daily reality travel life. The less glamorous part I guess?

The state of the Philippines last November 2016. This was the headline news. Duterte is still the president of the country though, so he is still very much into his term. Am I pro- or anti-Duterte? Let us just say that I both like and do not like his ways.

Pimped-up Japanese manufactured jeepneys. These ply the Naga (south) to Cebu City route and vice versa. 

Well, I actually still have 2 more blog entries for Cebu, but they can wait.

I am so backlogged with my blog entries but that is nothing new. If I were to choose between work and blogging, I think many would bet on the latter, haha. But yeah, real life kicks in and we all have to earn our living, especially these days when most that occupy my mind is retiring early. Ergo, need to work my bum off.

But in between, I travel and do my best to enjoy life.

We've got to live our lives you know. Do what we like and do our best to get what we want. Responsibly of course. Because we die only once but we can live many times.

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I flew from Xiamen, China to Manila, Philippines (then to Cebu) with the national carrier, Philippine Airlines (PAL) and they gifted the passengers with a free mobile phone sim card from Globe. Nice, thanks!

The church in Naga, Cebu. My sister and I were shopping in the mall across the church. We were looking for silver and gold ribbons and luckily the small shopping mall has them. 

SisterJ and moi at the Sky Park of SM Seaside City Cebu mall. We went here to shop, eat and watch a movie.

There are a few comfort local Filipino foods that I crave and always buy within the first 24-48 hours of the plane touchdown. This is one of them.

I was into the Pokemon thing last year. Well, this was so last year. 

My mom made some noodles with veggies with the lechon manok (grilled chicken on a spit) dinner leftovers. It was my special order because she knew I like vegetables. 

SisterJ and I went to visit our dear aunt and what a great timing that my cousin (let's call her Cher) was there as well. Of course, we made a few selfies.

This brings me back to my childhood days. We used to catch them and place them inside glass jars with holes on the lid so they can breathe. Don't judge us. We are just curious kids. They were pets to us. These green stick grasshoppers are harmless though. 

A popular local street food in Cebu - Kikiam. I much prefer the traditional airy fish balls though... dipped in spicy vinegar and sweet 'n sour sauce.

Driving in traffic in Cebu. Can you see the temperature in the dashboard? It says 32C - a very normal all-year round temperature in the Philippines. You really need airconditioning in this country.

Visiting another mall. This is the (posher) Ayala Center Mall.

One of my mom's many children, er I mean, dogs. He has a twin brother and he is half-dachshund and half-askal (native Filipino dog). He loves to lay down like this because the granite-marble floor cools his stomach.

Lots of presents under the Christmas tree!

A visit to the Philippines always includes a makeover at the local (cheap) salon. Haircut, blow-dry and styling, foot spa please and some pedicure and manicure, too. Need 3 hours minimum.

I went here with my old friend Sheena... will be posting a separate entry about this interesting place.

I went with my mom for last-minute Christmas shopping at Robinsons Supermarket in Talisay. We just bought a few stuff that we did not have at home.

My parents always stock this in their freezer. Rocky Road from Magnolia brings me back again to my childhood memory lane. This is my favourite ice cream back then. Lucky that I do not have a sweet tooth now and that I only found out they have the ice cream a few days before we left for Vietnam. Good thing the ice cream is at the bottom of the freezer, haha.

My nephew is crazy about the basketballer Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. I think half of the Christmas presents he received from the family was Golden State Warriors stuff.

We had a low-key Christmas family dinner. Nothing fancy at all.

Then we played -- "Cashflow - How To Get Out Of The Rat Race" board game on Christmas day. I was a pilot with a high-maintenance lifestyle + children. Well, it was the truck driver who won and got out of the rat race in the end, haha. 

View from the Scape Skydeck restaurant on Mactan Island, Cebu (near the airport). I will be posting our dinner and views here soon.

My nephew is making fun of the oldies here. He is being silly and trying to be funny =)

My brother and sister-in-law both drive huge cars which are so typical in the Philippines. Big cars in the Netherlands are heavily taxed. We pay an additional monthly road tax here which is dependent on the weight, size and how C02-emission friendly your car is. SUV's are super high maintenance here.

At the Mactan International Airport, my father bumped into an old business acquaintance. We had to hurry as the gate was closing!

Here we are... one of the last to board the flight to Manila... and then to Saigon, Vietnam.

Travel Period: November 2016
Destination: Cebu (Visayas), Philippines

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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