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Lunching: Vork & Mes in Hoofddorp for the second time

For Bubbles and I, we had our last (late) lunch out for our April jaunts at this unique restaurant that is shaped, designed and located extraordinarily in the outskirts of the Haarlemmermeer forest in Hoofddorp, just a stone’s throw away from Schiphol Airport.

I have been here before many years ago as well, having had lunch with a business partner who was quite pleased when I told him we are eating here. He obviously knew the place.

A restaurant with the perfect location and view.

I just loved the tranquil surroundings of this place, the restaurant right on the water and with an abundance of nature around it, gives diners just the perfect reason to retreat in peace and enjoy the food and time spent here. It would have been better if the weather cooperated but at least it wasn’t raining when we were here. Spring in the Netherlands can be very tricky you know.

Restaurant Vork & Mes is not easy to get to with public transport. It is about 14 minutes drive (or with the cab) from Schiphol Airport and not too far away from Amsterdam.

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Restaurant Vork & Mes (Fork & Knife).

The waterfalls roof and corridor wall.

Bubbles and I had a whole afternoon chasing flower fields in Hillegom and De Zik villages. We had so much fun. It was the first time for me to be up close and personal with the flowers in the flower fields. I have always seen them, almost on a daily basis during spring from the window of my work desk 14 years ago. But I never really ventured out of my desk into the flower fields to experience it. Not until this year!

It is true that the novelty of [insert anything that other people fancy] disappears when you have an abundance of it. Something for us to ponder on, and perhaps be grateful about.

I found the food at Vork & Mes (in English: Fork & Knife) experimental. The restaurant promotes and observes the farm to table concept by growing its own herbs and some of the seasonal vegetables served on the menu.

The design of the restaurant is futuristic which is very entertaining. It is a floating pavilion with ample space for outdoor seating. The interior is very light and airy, it’s all glass so it feels like you are dining outdoors even if you are inside. Best to take a seat upstairs with views to the water. The most impressive I guess is the waterfalls flowing down the roof of the structure and down to the wall corridors serving as the entrance hallway of the restaurant. Now, that’s what I call a grand entrance =)

The hanging laundry of toasted thin crackers.

To be honest, compared to the recent lunch with Bubbles, I much enjoyed the food I had here many years ago. I wasn’t very fond of the fish cake with edible flowers but I did love the spinach with the poached egg covered in pastry. I am not sure if Bubbles enjoyed her lunch, although she was able to finish them all. It could have been better I guess? Hmm, just a gut feeling, really.

We, however, loved the warmly served sourdough bread which was best paired alternately with salty butter and then salt + pepper + extra virgin olive oil. We were also amused by the hanging laundry of thin toasted crackers.

The restaurant often changes its menu depending on the seasonal produce and catch. So I guess that’s a good excuse to come back? The concept is refreshing but like many experimental restaurants, some dishes remain experimental in taste as well.

I think it is very obvious that people come here for the beautiful setting and the ambience. Vork & Mes is surely an extraordinary place and it’s great to combine the lunch or dinner here with a walk around the lake and Haarlemmermeer forest. It’s a place for relaxation, a place to while away the worries of everyday life, albeit temporarily.

It is not too far away from Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam but you need your own vehicle to get here.

Lunch is here! Lunching on the water and with a view.

I ordered a light rose while Bubbles had a Fritz-kola bitter lemon.

Sourdough bread is delicious, especially when its served warm.

This is some soup that Bubbles ordered. Not sure what it is though. Might be cauliflower-broccoli-leeks soup?

These are pork buns. Bubbles liked this I believe.

Spinach with a poached egg covered in flour pastry. This was nice.

Seafood pancake with edible spring flowers.... this was not a favourite though, sorry. But it sure looked very pretty.

The upper floor of the restaurant pavilion.

The ambience is very light, roomy and airy. Glass everywhere. Views to the water. Very relaxing. A great place to do a private and/or business lunch.

The toilet signs. Do you know which toilet door to enter? Haha

The restaurant offered a free bottle of wine on my next visit. Too bad, I have misplaced the card with the offer.

Futuristic design.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Hoofddorp (Haarlemmermeer), the Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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