Monday, September 11, 2017

My Daily Life in the Netherlands #002

Life has many surprises. It never ceases to entertain me, as I wait and wonder what comes next. Yeah, what's in store? What's it going to be?

I guess I see myself as a little kid sometimes, even though I am nearing 50 (gasp! lol). An independent, strong-willed and adventurous little kid. Very eager, curious and willing to take risks.

Life every day is a risk anyway. Making tough decisions at work can be risky. Choosing to be snappy or patient at your loved ones, yeah, at your own risk! Giving (sometimes unsolicited) opinions is surely a risk. Booking that holiday can be risky from many angles. Even crossing the street is a risk. There is no escape.

Well, I turned 47 last June. I can't believe I am in my late 40's now. I will be 50 in 3 years time! We were blessed with good weather so we celebrated outside in the park. I did not have a lot of time to prepare as we just arrived from our summer holiday in the Greek Islands.

Work has dominated my life in the past 2 months... but I try to not think of work during the weekends. So when the weather is good, we go out. Nothing fancy at all. Sometimes I go on my own and stroll the city centrum. Other weekends, we would go out for a drive. I do my weekend runs, while Dutchman bikes and skates. But most of all we just love staying at home.

We try to live and enjoy life in the simplest ways =)

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Strolling Utrecht Centrum and I cannot help but take pictures of these cute buildings.

Checking out the Kringloopwinkel (Charity/Second Hand Shop) in Utrecht. In these shops, you will find a gold mine of antiques, if you are patient and look carefully. I'm looking for old period chairs... so I need to visit more Kringloopwinkels.

This was taken at the end of April and should have posted this picture in my last post but totally forgot. My friend Bubbles and I hit the tulip fields and we did a lot of posing for the camera, haha. I will be posting a separate entry soon about the day's excursion. Don't mind my fashion faux pas (white socks or the brown leggings - was wearing white shorts underneath).

We visited the Dutch mother in law and she treated us to some Crodino aperitif drinks and fresh strawberries on biscuits.

Around the neighbourhood I caught this cat taking a shelter inside the plant box.

Wearing a Mondriaan-inspired dress here that I bought in Seoul, South Korea 5 years ago. I'm getting a brand new lease car from work soon, so almost goodbye BMW. I also have a small Daihaitsu car for private use which is sitting neglected in the parking lot now.  

I met up with a new friend after work for light dinner at Restaurant Beach Club Lust. She's a Dutch author of a book and she is launching a new version for the American public soon. Interestingly, she was my customer in my previous job.

The Dutch mother gifted us these lovely Hyacinths. Stunning! I have a thing for blue flowers.

I run every weekend. I used to run 2x-3x a week but have been busy with work that I only run now on the weekends. Normally I run for 1.5 to 2 hours, non-stop, my own (slow) tempo. Lately, I am doing 1-hour runs. I have lost about 8 kilos since February. I still need to lose a few more kilos but I am not sweating it out because I eat healthily and I know the weight will adjust accordingly. I am now doing the runs mainly to maintain good condition. Hmm, I need to buy new shoes.

I met up with an old colleague who also started a new job. We had a long catch-up and had light dinner at the Restaurant Paviljoen Reeuwijkse Hout in Bodegraven. It is not my first time here and I quite like the natural surroundings and scenery of this restaurant. Love catching up with old colleagues! This colleague reminded me to take pictures of the food. He said, "You always do that. Shall I take it for you? I can e-mail it." - haha

On my way home from work, to the direction of Utrecht and Amsterdam... no traffic at all whilst the other lane coming from Utrecht and Amsterdam is rolling at a turtle pace. This is one of the perks of working for a company located outside the city and busy areas.

Once a year we buy a bag of Swedish meatballs at IKEA. I was preparing this for dinner. A bag like this will last us months (probably around 4-5 dinners). We are not big meat eaters.

When I am in the mood, I go to Utrecht Centrum and hit a terrace. This was during the finals of the UEFA women's football championships when the Netherlands won against Denmark and were crowned as champions. Behind me were people screaming and clapping as they watch the championships from a large TV screen, while I, on the other hand, enjoy my 0% alcohol Radler lemon beer, cheese sticks and the Dom Tower view.

Dutchman took this picture of the moon.

Dutchman and I stopped here in the village of Haarzuilens to buy some cherries. They were so delicious! So huge and juicy. Too bad I forgot to take photos of the plump cherries.

We also visited a farm and these little piglets were so noisy!

And of course, we decided to stop here at the Hoeve Wielrevelt for some tea and coffee. Nice place.

Until the next daily life run rate post!

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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