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Sarajevo: Lovely Dinner at the Four Rooms of Mrs. Safija (4 Sobe Gospode Safija)

Sarajevo’s cuisine and restaurant scene is still up and coming. The city does not have a Michelin star restaurant YET but I am sure it will get there in due time.

For our first night’s dinner in the city, I was eyeing the unique “Four Rooms of Mrs Safija” restaurant. From what I understood, the address is an exclusive and upscale place and it is one of the best restaurants in town.

A welcome port drink from the house. Cheers!

Alma, our new friend from the hotel reception was quite impressed when we asked her to call the restaurant and reserve a table for us. ‘It’s a very expensive restaurant!’ she told us.

I guess everyone in Sarajevo knows the “Four Rooms of Mrs Safija” (4 sobe gospođe Safije), huh?

I don’t like going overboard with the things I do during my travels (well, sometimes, haha), especially when it comes to spending so I checked their prices just to make sure, and after forex calculations, it came out reasonable from a western European spending perspective, although costly I am sure for the locals.

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Even the toilet is pretty and equipped with deodorant, hand lotion, spray perfume, mint gums and sanitary napkins for the ladies.

The restaurant calls itself on its website – An iconic and gastronomic restaurant and an architectural attraction in Sarajevo. The concept is offering a variety of gastronomic experiences under 1 roof with a homey yet an elegant ambience.

Alma helped us book a cab, she was like our sharp and loyal secretary informing us that if we will not be ready in 5 minutes, we will be late to our dinner reservation and that the cab is arriving any minute now! Pronto ladies haha. Bubbles and moi: OK, yes ma'am =)

We highly recommend anyone visiting Sarajevo to use the local cabs. They are not only cheap and are the best transportation to get around the (quite hilly with narrow streets) city, but the cab drivers here can be trusted. We did not have any problems. No one has charged us double.

Bubbles and I doing the cin-cin for a great evening dinner on our first night in Sarajevo.

Upon arrival in the restaurant, we were quickly ushered by the wait staff to our table which was located in the middle of the restaurant. We liked our very central spot as we were able to see all 4 corners of the restaurant, even the kitchen down the basement and the open oven/grilling station. The waiter proceeded to ask us what we would like to have for our welcome drink. He added that it is from the house. Bubbles chose a fruity cocktail while I settled for some red port.

We were just settling into our seats and the fine dining mood, and as we surveyed the restaurant with our curious eyes, we were pleased with what we saw. The country-style wooden trusses on the ceiling and the whitewashed stone walls stood out. The ambience is homey and comfortable, yet elegant. It is what we call here in the Netherlands, gezellig (cosy).

The wait staff as well were very good-mannered and they all speak English very well. So before long Bubbles and I were clinking our aperitif glasses and nibbling on locally produced Bosnian cheese.

Some olives and local Bosnian cheese to tease our appetites.

My port aperitif drink in a kitschy-styled glass.

We were debating if we should take a menu, their 3-meal course. But since we already started with aperitifs and some nibbles, we decided to go with a 2-meal course instead, without the dessert. We don’t want to go back to our hotel room and sleep on a heavy stomach. We also don’t know how large their portions here so it was better to play safe.

To our surprise, service was quite fast and our first course was swiftly delivered to our table.

Bubbles had the croquette-like corned beef ravioli with porcini mushrooms and cheese cream which was very delicious. This was definitely a highlight! I, on the other hand, had the marinated raw sea bass fish with citrus fillets, rocket, purple onions and parsley. This was very good and very fresh in the mouth.

This croquette with porcini mushrooms is very delicious.

Fresh on the palate, marinated sea bass. 

The candle holder with all the melted candle wax.

For our mains, we both had meat and I ordered a glass of local red wine to go with it. Eastern Europe is all about the meat.

Bubbles ordered the Sous-vide rolled chicken 68C with potato and mushrooms and rose sauce. Mine was the beef fillet served like a burger and it came with potato and bordelaise sauce. The potato side dish of our meat was partly mashed and fried in pieces and then stacked on top of each other. We thought it was interesting, very different yet refreshing, however, since potatoes are heavy, a small portion would have sufficed.

Bubbles choice for dinner, sous-video rolled chicken.

And this is mine, some beef fillet shaped like a burger.

The portions are quite big here at the Four Rooms of Mrs Safija.

No room for dessert anymore, we finished the dinner with caffeine. A nice cup of espresso for moi and some relaxing tea for Bubbles.

On a nutshell, I have to agree to some of the reviews I have read online, that the Four Rooms of Mrs Safija (4 sobe gospođe Safije) is somewhat a wannabe Michelin-star restaurant. Don't get me wrong as I am seeing this as a major compliment for the restaurant. The food here is very good and it’s just a matter of time that it will become refined. The ambience and service were topnotch.

But having said the above, this is indeed the closest one can get to a Michelin-starred restaurant in Sarajevo, which unfortunately the city does not have. #soontocome

At the restaurant, I was also able to pick up this free Sarajevo Navigator tourist booklet which was very helpful to us for the rest of our stay in Sarajevo.

As we were paying our bill with our designated waiter, we struck up a conversation with him. He was, in fact, encouraging us to give a review (or rating) on Tripadvisor. I quickly took the chance to discuss the unique restaurant’s name. Why four rooms as a name? Well, the answer was very simple, the restaurant indeed has 4 rooms!

1. The Restaurant
2. The Lounge Room
3. Wine and Cocktail Bar
4. Mrs Safiya's Summer Garden (terrace)

I cannot remember any more if it was me who invited ourselves to check out the other 3 rooms or if it was the waiter who offered us a personal tour, but we quickly jumped on the chance to check the whole place out. The waiter was very accommodating to show us the rest of the restaurant. Thank you!

The Lounge Room with French-inspired furnitures.

The summer garden terrace (the one with the white curtains).

The restaurant of course, which is the largest room of the 4.

The wine and cocktail bar.

For a nice evening in Sarajevo, we highly recommend “Four Rooms of Mrs Safija”. Make sure you reserve a table to secure a good spot and check out the rest of the rooms.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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