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Delft, Netherlands: The Market Square and Lunch at Het Konings Huys

My long-time friend, Bubbles wanted to visit a city in the Netherlands that she hasn't been to. Well, that's going to be an easy task for me as there's a n abundance of pretty little Dutch cities. Most of them in fact I have already visited in my 15 years of living in the Netherlands.

 Lunch on the Markt at the Het Konings Huys.

Lunch on the Markt at the Het Konings Huys.

Bubbles had a few cities in mind but because we do not have the luxury of time, she has to choose only 1 Dutch city to visit. We have planned a whole month of trips for April. A road trip in the Balkans, a city trip to Dresden (Germany) and Antwerp (Belgium), as well as side trips to Amsterdam, the flower fields and around Utrecht.

Bubbles picked Delft. For some reason, she has read good things about the city and saw nice pictures.

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The first thing we did in Delft after parking the car was to go to the Markt (Market square).

The Markt is the living room of Delft. Here, one can find the city's Old Town Hall (Stadhuis Delft) and the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). Both important structures are flanked by an array of souvenir and artisan shops, local speciality stores and cafe restaurants. Naturally, we had to do the obligatory selfie on the market square.

The New Church on the market square.

Bubbles also was on a Delft mission, she wanted to buy a Delfts blue violin. We were able to find one at one of the Delfts Bluaw souvenir shop but it was bigger in size and shipping would be a concern, as well as insurance. Shipping porcelain is at your own risk!

We were planning to explore the rest of Delft but not after some needed lunch. We didn't leave too early as we want to have a slow and quality morning. I personally hate rushing when I am on a leisure activity, so by the time we arrived in Delft, it was time for lunch. Good timing!

We decided to eat at one of the cafe restaurants on the market square. The 'Het Konings Huys' grand cafe restaurant looks nice with an inviting outdoor terrace. Het Konings Huys in English means, The King's House. Delft has been long associated with the Dutch Royal Family for centuries so a name such as this of a cafe restaurant is not surprising at all.

Funnily, if you go to the toilet of the cafe restaurant, you will see a monstrous-size picture of the faces of the King and Queen on the toilet doors. Plastering the faces of the King and Queen on the toilet doors is not a manner of demeaning them, it's just a way of informing guests which is the gentlemen and ladies' room =).

The toilet doors of the Het Konings Huys cafe restaurant with the faces of the Dutch Royal pair, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.

As it was a bit fresh for spring, we decided to sit on their heated indoor terrace.

For lunch, Bubbles and I had a sharing of a club meat sandwich and a green salad with caramelised goat's cheese. For drinks we both ordered some cider, a kiwi and lime for moi and raspberry for Bubbles.

The food here was quite okay. I am not very fond of goat's cheese but Bubbles liked it a lot. I am more like a rabbit that eats all the (leftover) greens and veggies. I also prefer to eat them raw or with very little dressing. The salad could have been better though.

I like the old and new ambience of the place. It surely gives an impression that it is keeping up with the times. The food is served here in a nice way, which, believe it or not, does really matter to many clients. When you are served with an aesthetically presented dish on a plate, your palate's desire increases which aid in a more fulfilling eating experience.

This is putting the 'gourmet' into your sandwich.

Caramelised goat's cheese salad with brown wheat bread.

Overall, a great food presentation. The actual food taste and quality are good but of course can always be better. This cafe as well has a good selection of ciders.

The only thing I can complain about here is that it took a while for the wait staff to get our order. Perhaps some miscommunication within the service staff, but they have managed to rectify this afterwards.

After lunch, Bubbles and I went for a walk and then we visited the Delft Blue Museum. More about them in my next posts.

More pictures of the market square:

The Old Town Hall and the New Church are the important buildings on the market square.

We checked out a Delfts Blue shop and one of the two Heinen Delfts Bluaw store on the market square has some artists in residence that you can watch as they paint.

One of the interesting buildings on the market square.

It was a bit of a chilly grey day in Delft. You can see the blue skies hiding behind the thick clouds, which, sadly, is very typical Dutch weather. Yup, we have plenty of clouds here.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Delft (South Holland), the Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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