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Mostar Bosnian Lunch & Stari Most View at Restoran Lagero

Bubbles and I arrived around lunchtime in Mostar and our plan after checking in to Kriva Cuprija Hotel is a quick stroll in the Old Town and then lunch.

The lunch with a perfect view in Mostar.

I was eyeing a particular restaurant on the Neretva River with the perfect view of the iconic bridge for lunch, however, I was open as well for other suggestions. In my experience, nothing beats it when you are at the location yourself to survey the area. I know for sure that the restaurant I had in mind will have a lot of competition.

My idea of the perfect lunch in Mostar would be, of course, good Bosnian food and a spectacular view, and I was hoping, of the UNESCO world heritage site, the Stari Most (Old Bridge).

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Restaurants with outdoor terraces hanging from the cliffs of the Neretva River with the Stari Most (Old Bridge) as its iconic backdrop.

After a thorough online research about the eating out scene in Mostar, I have learned that a good number of restaurants are set dramatically on the cliffs of the Neretva River with a stunning view of the UNESCO world heritage site, the Stari Most Bridge (Old Bridge) as its backdrop. As touristy as it may sound, Bubbles and I wouldn't want to miss this for the world. I mean, why not? Every visitor on leisure came for the Old Bridge.

The restaurant in question was Restoran Lagero located just a few metres away from the Old Bridge and nestled above the river, its outdoor terrace hanging above the rocky cliffs. It would have been easier for us to choose a different restaurant but I guess Lagero did not disappoint at first sight. The distance of the restaurant's outdoor terrace to the bridge was just perfect, so we stayed put. Not too close and not too far away.

It helped that peak lunch hours were just over and many day trippers from Croatia are moving on to other things on their agenda. Mostar can be as busy as Venice when the cruise ships arrive, it's just that Mostar is only a small fraction of Venice. So we did not have any problems waiting for a table. Had we arrived earlier, we might have to wait.

First things first, the drinks. The local beer came highly recommended. Mostarsko Pivo brew. The taste is very similar to other Pilsen brands.

Mostarsko Pivo beer, locally brewed beer in the Hercegovina region.

Živjeli! That's cheers in Bosnian.

Then comes our lunch. We decided to order some local Bosnian treat, a plate of mix grilled meat. To balance things out we also ordered a plate of grilled seasonal vegetables and local cheese. Little did we know that both plates will come in with a huge serving of fries, rice and flatbread.

We were frankly surprised when the order came. Massive servings! It was a lot for our stomachs to process, haha.

Nevertheless, the food was quite good. It is difficult to go wrong when grilling meat is a local speciality in the Balkans. We really appreciate the fact that the servings were big but we could have easily settled for a little less as well. I do not think Bubbles and I finished the meat, the fries and the bread but we managed to eat all of the vegetables. Well, not a single vegetable can escape when if I am around =)

Of course, the best thing with this lunch is the magnificent iconic view.

We could not have asked for more for this lunch in Mostar.

And this is my plate =). The grilled flat bread here was delicious.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Mostar (Hercegovina), Bosnia & Hercegovina

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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