Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My Daily Life in the Netherlands #004

The main update for this daily life series is the good news that we bought a new house! Yup, last October was the big day when we signed the papers =)

This is the showroom of our (house/project) contractor.

Moi standing in front of the future house. The ground has now been prepared and the official building starts on the 1st of December with a little party onsite of course. 

The building of the new house will start next month, that's less than 2 weeks from now and we are kind of excited. Construction will approximately take a year and the Dutchman and I have been very busy, spending long nights and pouring over on floor plans and schedules, researching building materials and visiting many showrooms. We have been driving all over the place. In fact, I took 3 days off just to do all this, what I call, building a house orientation. There's a lot to be done!

You'll hear more of the house as construction progresses =)

The other main thing that happened in October was my new car being broken into by thieves. I was pretty shaken when I saw the shattered glass in the parking area and to see the driver's seat and steering wheel in disarray. Because the thieves were amateurs, they were not able to steal the whole steering wheel and airbag. Unfortunately, Audi's (as well as BMW's and VW's) are very popular with thieves here in Western Europe.

Work is doing well but I don't really talk about that here on the blog.

On the family side, we are on the birthday season roll so every other weekend, Dutchman and I visit family and I get to eat cake, hehe. It helps that the Dutch sisters-in-law always make my favourite tart, the Monchou tart.

On other news, I met up with a few old colleagues for lunch dates. Networking as they say, but nonetheless, it's always great to catch up with old familiar faces.

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My colleagues were nice enough to leave some pepernoten on my desk when I took a few days off. Too early for Sinterklaas though.

At the Van de Valk Hotel in Utrecht. Huge mirrors will be a big thing in my new house.

Lunch with an old colleague at the restaurant of Van der Valk Hotel in Utrecht. This was a delicious lunch. The restaurant here is highly recommended.

We were invited by the project owner/builder of the house to the Buyer's Night (Kopers Avond) where we learned more about the project and met the other buyers (well, our future neighbours).The theme of our new neighbourhood is about food, having fruit bearing trees in every corner and that you can pluck fruit everywhere and eat on the go.

Dutchman and I envision a very simple yet stunning modern kitchen. This is an inspiration and our kitchen will be a huge kitchen island (3.2 meters long x 1.30 meters deep) where everything happens on the island, from cooking, (dish) washing to baking, well, except for the fridge. We are quite excited!

The Dutch mother-in-law celebrated her birthday with us.

This little white mouse is going to be a gift to Lucy, the new cat of the Mother in law. Unfortunately, Lucy was not very fond of her.

Pancake treat from the Dutch mother in law. I have bacon and cheese. The cheese you cannot see as they have melted during the cooking process.

We visited Nieuwegein shopping centre. This wasn't like this 14/15 years ago here when we used to live in the area. These buildings did not exist before. I feel old, so much has changed.

Kibbeling (fried cod), a Dutch street food speciality is always a good idea.

Visiting the Woon (Home) Boulevard here in Utrecht.

Attending the birthday get together of the brother-in-law and this is my favourite cake, Monchou tart with cherries. Yum.

The eldest niece has left home and she and her boyfriend just have their own place in the centre of IJsselstein. We came to visit and their place is really nice.

Had lunch with an old colleague in Maarssen. After lunch he convinced me to take some dessert as he is taking a huge cake, so I compromised and ordered a little cannelloni to go with my espresso.

On the bike to visit Maxima Park in Utrecht. This is the Daphne Schippers bridge that connects Leidse Rijn to Oog in Al. Nope, that is not the Dutchman on the pic.

The maple tree at work. There are actually 3 maple trees on this side of the fence, the middle one is right outside the window of my office but a month ago the tree went down because of the storm. It's too bad because I have developed a bond with tree. 

I have some Eastern European colleagues who work in our production facility and one of them brought some caramel candies. Not bad for a quick afternoon treat.

My poor car. The thieves tried to steal the steering wheel and the airbag but it wasn't a success. The car had to be towed to the garage for repair. Such a shame for a brand new 1-month old car.

While waiting in the garage for my temporary loan car, I saw this old picture of the garage shop. Really cool. It took the garage 4 days to repair the Audi's steering wheel and electronics.

I have always been very vocal about McDonalds. It is not my choice of food but on this particular day I did not have much choice as we were in a hurry. My first time to try the fish burger. It wasn't that so bad. I survived, haha.

Autumn is in full swing.

We visited IKEA a few times as well and we even had dinner there. The Dutchman had Swedish meatballs, while I, had steamed fish with veggies.

Lucy and the Dutchman are very good friends.

Dutchman and I visited Alexandrium Woonmall (Home/Living Mall) in Rotterdam.

This is just outside the Alexandrium Woonmall which is connected to the  of the Alexandrium shopping mall (quite big!) through this escalator and pedestrian walkway.

On a different day, we also visited the Villa Arena Woonmall in Amsterdam. We did 3 days of window shopping (not buying), speaking to sales people about kitchens, floor materials and what have you and I realised that I am not really the type made for shopping. I do not have the patience to browse through and go around from one store to another. It was a VERY tiresome activity.

So the only thing I look forward to are the snacks after, hehe.

LCD screen on the walls of the building. Pushing advertising to a different level.

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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