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Best Balkan Trip Meal: Seafood Platter at Lacroma Restaurant on Lokrum Island

I am not joking. Bubbles and I swear on this meal.

Mouthwatering -devour me now- lunch in Lokrum Island.

We are enjoying these lemon beers =)

Our delicious lunch at Lacroma Restaurant (LR) on Lokrum Island in Dubrovnik, Croatia was the best ever meal in our Balkan road trip last April. We cannot really think of another meal that can come that close to this. Seriously.

Hats off to the chef! I am even getting hungry now as I write this!

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We ordered the Platter “Lacroma” for 2 persons which consist of fillet of sea bass, grilled squid, tuna and prawns with potatoes on rocket leaves, wild rice with cherry tomatoes and vegetable julienne. This was soooo deliciously good. The presentation was top notch, the freshness triple-A, and the taste, well, just grand.

I thought though that they served us spinach instead of rocket leaves and we did not have some wild rice, but some crunchy chips which were very good though. The rice would have made this lunch heavy since there were already potatoes. The chips were a much better option.

We really, really enjoyed this lunch very much. We managed to wipe the whole platter clean!

I also love the outdoor ambiance of the restaurant. Bubbles and I were seated on the terrace with views of the other diners and greenery around us. It would have been perfect I guess if the restaurant was located near the water or with a view to the water, but I guess you can’t just move the whole thing, haha. The island is also a nature preserved island so I guess locations of the public establishments are chosen carefully.

We highly recommend Lacroma Restaurant to anyone visiting Lokrum Island. If you come during the high season (summer months), make sure you reserve a table.

Na zdrowie! Saluti! Proost! Cheers!

The best meal and best lunch we've ever had on this Balkan road trip.

Plate of happiness. I have here a seared tuna on sesame seeds, boiled potatoes and spinach, some julienned cucumbers and carrots and a crunchy potato chip!

We finished with some coffee of course.

After lunch we took the boat back to Dubbrovnik. We were ready for the next leg of the Balkan road trip. Montenegro! (But I still have more posts about Dubrovnik coming)

Pictures of our boat trip back to Dubrovnik:

Our boat is coming =)

Saying goodbye to Lokrum island as we depart the port.

The city walls and ramparts of Dubrovnik old town.

These kids were having the fun of their lives as we sail to Dubrovnik with strong winds against the front and nose of the boat.

Arriving in the old port of Dubrovnik.

Travel Period: April 2017
Destination: Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik-Neretva), Croatia

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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