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Greek Islands: An Evening in Lefkada Town and Dinner at Taverna Kato Vrisi

It has been more than a year since we were in Lefkada Island for the yearly Greek summer holiday.

Pedestrian-only shopping streets of Lefkada town.

Taverna Kato Vrisi where we had dinner.

The capital city bears the same name of the island and is easily reached from mainland Greece via a causeway and a floating bridge. When we were there (2016) the floating bridge was under repair and they temporarily used a ferry as the bridge, which is quite an ingenious workaround to solve a problem.

Because we were staying in Nydri, which is about half an hour from Lefkada town, we only managed to visit the town once, but have passed by many times though on our route to other destinations in the island and even beyond, when we went on a day trip to Preveza in the mainland.

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Our impressions of Lefkada town is that it is first and foremost a town for the locals. It’s far different from Nydri where you see throngs of holidaymakers prancing the streets, and cafes and restaurants are fashioned mainly for the tourist public. In Lefkada, it is the other way around. It is a functioning Greek town that has accommodated the visiting public.

In the center though, which is quite typical for any Greek capital town, are streets brimming with stores selling anything Greeky under the summer sun. Lots of funky souvenir shops and traditional artisan food and confectionery stores selling locally produced products from the island. In between the cobbled-stone pedestrian streets are open squares where people sit and drink coffee and dine as well while being serenaded by a street artist.

A nice and chic store in Lefkada.

Brother and sister goofing around. This wall is our direct view across the street from the restaurant.

I don’t remember buying anything here though. During my travels, I normally just browse around and will keep a tab in my mind of some of the items that interest me and shops that I would like to go back to. It helps that I am not the shopper type so when I like something really bad, I normally sleep over it for a day or two before making the decision.

In one of the alleys, we came upon the Church of Agios Nikolaus built in the 17th century and reconstructed in 1830 after being damaged by an earthquake. The Dutch mother lighted a candle for the Dutch father and I lighted a candle as well for Blondine.

Lighting a candle for the Dutch father and Blondine.

Beautiful Orthodox Christian Church of Agios Nikolaus.

Orthodox churches are influenced by Byzantine era art. This altar has impressive paintings of icons of saints gilded in bronze metalwork.

On the yacht marina, you can find a row of outdoor terraces on the promenade. It’s a great place to dine alfresco in the evening with the view of the boats bobbing up and down on the water.

On the other side of town, which is just a few minutes from the yacht marina and the core center, is a boulevard lined by many cafes, bars, and restaurants with outdoor seating. The boulevard is closed for vehicular traffic in the evening and is facing the water and a small strip of a peninsula which can be reached by a beautifully designed wooden bridge.

The wooden bridge of Lefkada town.

Outdoor terraces on the boulevard of Lefkada. Lots of locals hang out here.

For a stunning sunset in town, this part of Lefkada town is the best place to be. We saw many locals gather and stand on the bridge, while others walk on the strip peninsula to watch the last rays of the sun. This area of Lefkada town is best for pre and after dinner drinks. Lots of action here.

I also love the architecture of the nice (wooden) houses and buildings on this promenade.

We start the meal with some bread.

As with any other summer holiday, it is sometimes difficult to decide where to eat when the possibilities are endless. But helaas, one has to make a decision. Since it was our first time in Lefkada town, we decided to eat in the core center, in one of the busy pedestrian shopping streets. We liked the idea of dining where the action is and where we can also people watch so we chose Taverna Kato Vrisi.

Dinner was all about meat this time. Lamb Chop, Chicken Souvlaki (grilled meat on a skewer) and breaded Fillet Chicken. The meals came with fries, rice, traditional sauce and a half lemon. In Greece, lemons are an essential part of the local cuisine. Many use it to garnish the dishes, either red meat or fish.

The lady who serenaded us and her own mobile electronic acoustics.

The food was good enough, we have no complaints.

I wouldn’t really say this was the best dinner we've had in the holiday, but we also cannot find any fault, hence, it was good enough for us.

We really liked sitting on the outdoor terrace and the pedestrian street ambiance gave some form of esprit to the whole dining experience. We were also serenaded by a woman who brought her own electronic acoustics. She’s resourceful I can tell!

We finished the evening with coffee and lemon tarts at the main square of the town which is right on the corner of the wooden bridge and the causeway (to the mainland). It was a very nice summer evening. Most especially because we were able to light a candle for the people close to our hearts who are no longer with us.

Travel Period: June-July 2016
Destination: Lefkada Town, Lefkada (Ionian Islands), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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