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Lefkada, Greece: Lovely Dinner at the Seaside Restaurant in Geni

This was our last dinner in Lefkada. I am not sure if we saved the best for last, but this was one of the good dinners we have had on the island.

The view from the Geni peninsula.

I was quite curious about Seaside Restaurant because, on TripAdvisor, it is rated as the number 1 restaurant on Lefkada Island (Greece). The reviews were smashing and its location promises to be gorgeous. The restaurant is located in Geni, a peninsula, not too far away from where we were staying in Nydri.

We were originally booked into a small apartment-villa style in Geni, unfortunately, the property was overbooked and the travel agency cam back with other options, which is why we ended up at the hotel apartment in Nydri. Not too bad really because we have a big balcony, lots of space in the apartment and a nice pool area.

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So I picked the Seaside restaurant as the place for our last dinner. I was looking forward to dining again by the water.

The Greek Islands are one of the best places in the world to easily dine by the sea, without having to book in advance, without having to sacrifice quality (of the restaurant and food) and without having to pay a ludicrous amount of money to enjoy the evening. Which is the reason why we keep coming back, year after year, every summer =)

The restaurant is also a small hotel with a pool.

Here we are arriving at the Seaside Restaurant. We managed to easily park the car at the property and our first impressions of the place and its ambiance did not disappoint.

The Seaside restaurant is quite small yet very charming. It has an outdoor terrace of course where diners are seated with a view to the bay. The restaurant seems to be a popular place for wedding events. I can understand why. The location is perfect, right on the water with a view of the Geni Bay, and it is very intimate.

The Geni peninsula is (not too) far from the main touristy area, and its a place that you really have to go to for a reason, so this area does not get busy at all. We did not reserve a table and we were able to get one easily. We came a bit later though, so perhaps that helped. I can understand that they can easily be booked during prime dinner times (starting at 19:00).

For our starters, we had some courgette balls dipped in yogurt. This dish is typically Greek and I always look forward to enjoying them every time I am in in the islands.

I think the yogurt was tzatziki or some other version.

In my years of coming to Greece, I have noticed that there are several versions of making these courgette balls and I seem to prefer the ones where the courgette strips are loosely stuffed into a ball. Its juicier and I can taste and feel the structure of the vegetable which for me, enhances my eating enjoyability and experience. This one at the Seaside is also good, perhaps more professionally done. I guess, my preference is more the home-made style.

Dinner has finally arrived.

My main is a delicious grilled squid which came with a mix of steamed vegetables and melted butter. I really loved this squid, it was grilled to perfection, with a slight crunch on the skin yet leaving the meat tender and juicy to taste.

As for the vegetables? I cannot live without them. #musteat

The meat-eaters Dutchman and the Dutch mother both had the salted slabs of meat that came with fries and Hollandaise sauce. I think they were pork chops and they were quite big though.

The meat was very good they said, it was garnished with oregano and butter and the only thing they were complaining was that it was too salty. Hmm, well, it did say in the title of the dish, salted. I also would request some vegetable side dish for this.

We did not have dessert, but instead some coffee. For a more romantic and nicer ambiance to our evening's dinner, we elected to have our coffee in the terrace lounge where we are seated by the water, and although it has gotten dark already, we could silhouette form of the mountain far across the bay and hear the ripples of the waves splashing the shore.

There is something about having dinner by the sea, by any body of water. It is very relaxing and fulfilling. This is always something that I look forward to during summer in the Greek Islands.

The only thing we did not like here was the mosquito, which terrorized the Dutchman towards the end of his coffee lounge time, hehe.

Our mosquito experience varies per Greek island. Lefkada, unfortunately, has mosquito issues so when it's getting dark, we do not hang out on the balcony and we turn on the air-conditioning of the hotel apartment (we turn it off during the day as we prefer fresh air). This restaurant should have employed some mosquito scent repeller as there are obviously guests who are easy targets for the bloodsuckers.

One would need a car or a boat to get here. There are free parking areas at the restaurant and they have a jetty as well to moor a small boat.

Travel Period: July 2016
Destination: Geni, Lefkada (Ionian Islands), Greece

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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