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Photos of the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade 2017

These photos are a bit late but better late than never =)

The Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade is a yearly event held in the summer usually on the first Saturday of August.

I think it is a unique event for the Gay Pride movement because most of the parade events around the world happen on the streets, but in Amsterdam, the LGBT's strut their stuff on board boats and floats. The whole setting is grand, fun, special and unique.

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You can't walk around all day long in those. I hope she brought some sneakers with her =).

I went to the Gay Pride Canal Parade with the Dutchman, the Dutch mother, the second Dutch sister and the eldest niece. Except for the Dutchman and moi, it was everyone else's first time.

We managed to grab a good spot on the Prinsengracht, the main route of the canal parade. Thanks to the quick Dutchman. I knew it was going to be a hot day, and it was, on and off. Sadly, I cannot tolerate the sun glaring on my head otherwise I will get headaches, so I brought with me my umbrella. Lifesaver.

The people from the house across the street were kind enough to lend a chair for the Dutch mother so that she could watch the canal parade in comfort. Wonderful people.

After several hours and seeing lots of pink and almost 50 boats, we were ready to move on for some coffee and pastries. We also could not wait to sit down as we have been standing for hours. Well, the Dutch mother did have some luck.

I think I have enough of the Gay Pride Canal Parade for a few years.

This entry is all about the photos. I hope you enjoy them!

A nice little cafe on Prinsengracht.

The parade started with water stunts.

The first boat! I guess this is the official boat from the Gay (LGBT) Pride organisation.

She says, call her if you want to date her.

The lovely ladies and gents in pink sequinned mini dresses and blonde wigs were my favourite. This is my best Pride boat of the day.

From woman to man. Yup, be you.

This is the boat of the Brandweer (Fire Department) in Amsterdam. 

The international aka united LGBT nations boat.

Scrum is, by the way, a term used in information technology word (IT).

The boat of the Dutch Defense/Military. The blonde woman with the white shawl is the ex-Defense Minister. It is easier said than done but I know for sure it is not easy being gay in military service.

Most of the houses on Prinsengracht were holding a party. This is the house that lent us a chair for the Dutch mother. They even invited us upstairs for drinks. We were not up for it but the sister-in-law was game.

Amsterdam was raining pinks and rainbows.

The bridges in Amsterdam are low and that is the reason why the boats here are flat. Every time the boat passes under the bridge, the Canal Parade participants have to lower themselves down. You don't want to know how many bridges they have to pass through. Amsterdam is the city with the most number of bridges.

I'd like to think that I come here to watch the playful out-of-this-world outfits and displays of whimsicality and uniqueness.

Inspired by the French cabaret show? I'd really like to watch the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Perhaps I will when I go there at the end of the year.

Oops, that picture above is NSFW (not safe for work).

The leather boys. 

From leather boys to all-leather Chernobyl outfits, and wait, that is a dog, right? Don't ask me.

The Amsterdam boat, with tulips.

I believe there were many heterosexuals participating in the canal parade, the same as the visitors coming to Amsterdam to watch. It's a big tourist attraction.

Well, what can you say? We even have the presence of Trump and Melania!

The Middle Eastern countries boat... about some Secret Garden. Not easy to be gay in Muslim countries I am sure.

Hahaha, kinky =)

There were pole dancers of course.

Step aside, Doutzen Kroes. These are the real Victoria's Secret models.

The love boat and below is my other favourite boat.

A laboratory cocktail bar on the boat.

The superpowers, supergirls and supergays =)

It was crazy full in Amsterdam, and this was only in the Prinsengracht area in Jordaan.

Not for the claustrophobic.

Need to strike a sweet pose, of course.

Delicious treat before going home.

Travel Period: August 2017
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (Amsterdam - North Holland), the Netherlands

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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