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Zurich: I Stayed at Hotel Uto Kulm in Uetliberg for the Panoramic Views

I am a sucker for panoramic views. Well, any views on that matter really...

The view of Zurich from my hotel room window.

In Zurich, I stayed at the Hotel Uto Kulm in Uetliberg, the highest mountain in the Zurich plateau, mainly for the panoramic city views. The hotel sits at the summit of the only mountain in the city so it offers the best views of Zurich and nearby surroundings.

The decision to stay here was also made easy when I learned that Uetliberg is reachable by train from Zurich Hbf. The journey only takes 20 minutes and there are trains running every half an hour until midnight. Not bad at all, I thought.

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Panoramic views of the city and the lake.

View from my room window.

My friend Bubbles, who I was meeting up in Zurich said that getting to Uetliberg from Zurich city center is like a little excursion on its own. You board the train, and in 20 minutes, you alight in a totally different environment. In a forested mountain with views of the Swiss plateau and the city. Even with the 20-minute train ride, you can already feel the surroundings slowly change at every count of the minute. From a busy urban landscape morphing into pure lush and greenery.

My room was quite simple and my window looks down to the path entering the hotel. Of course, I have a panoramic view of the city which is really cool. This is, after all, the reason why I have decided to stay here.

The hotel also gave me a nice welcome gift, a small bottle of sparkling wine and some fruits. Very nicely appreciated! I also liked the fact that there is an espresso machine.

A very nice welcome gift from the hotel. Of course, you need some sparkling wine to go with the fantastic views here. Thanks!

On my first day, I met up and had lunch with Bubbles and M at the restaurant of the hotel called Allegra. It was a very lovely lunch made successful of course, not just because of the delicious food, but the gorgeous setting and the scenic views.

I made a separate blog post entry for our lunch here:

Awesome Lunch at the Top of Zurich - Uto Kulm Restaurant "Allegra" in Uetliberg

Our awesome lunch.

In the evening, I watched the city lights from the window of my hotel bedroom. From the same window, I watched Zurich wake up at 6 in the morning.

There are actually many walking paths in the mountain. It is a nature preserve area with many leisure and recreational spots. I originally planned on taking a hike or a run early in the morning but decided last minute not to bring my running shoes because I realized that I really have no time to do this. Time is always an issue, huh? *sigh*

There are a number of campsites and restaurants on the mountain. You can find more information of the activities and establishments in Uetliberg here: Uetliberg in Zurich

Some more panoramic pictures:

At the summit, which is where the hotel is perched, you can find 2 towers. One of the towers is a lookout tower and you have to pay a Euro to get to the top. The other tower is a TV-station tower. Luckily, you can climb the outlook tower to a certain height for free. I also didn’t fancy climbing all the way to the top so I kept my 1 Euro coin with me =)

A lot of tourists and locals visit the mountain. Some have lunch at the restaurant, a few climb up the lookout tower, others take on a hiking jaunt and the rest just linger around the surroundings of the hotel, taking selfies and enjoying the panoramic city views.

One can climb the lookout tower for 360-degree views.

One of the many walking paths in Uetliberg. This mountain is for the nature enthusiast and outdoorsy type a paradise on earth. The place is popular among the locals.

So yes, you do not have to stay here at the Hotel Uto Kulm to enjoy the views, just take the S10 train from Zurich Hbf and voila, you are up in the summit! At the top of Zurich.

Bubbles was very spot on. The short 20-minute trip to the mountain can be likened to a mini excursion from Zurich. So near huh, yet it feels so far away.... I guess this is the best and shortest day trip excursion ever that Zurich can offer. But give Uetliberg at least half a day, to truly enjoy and experience it.

So I highly recommend Uetliberg to anyone visiting Zurich. Fantastic views and a little respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Moi on the S10 Uetliberg-Zurich train.

Travel Period: September 2016
Destination: Uetliberg (Zurich), Switzerland

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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